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My New Winter Coat for 2016 + V9040 PATTERN REVIEW

My New Winter Coat for 2016 + V9040 PATTERN REVIEW

Good Day, Chicas & Fellow Fashionistas!

I have a #SewingConfession.  I often sew out-of-season.  I like to make summer/spring outfits in the wintertime.  It’s hard for me to stay focused on where I’m at!  Or maybe it’s this Texas weather where you can actually get away with wearing spring-like fabrics in the winter months…. I-can’t-really-figure-it-all-out, BUT I am happy to say that I have added a NEW Winter Coat to my closet!  During the wintertime 🙂

V9040 Coat

Disclaimer:  Be prepared for LOTS of photos!

The Coat – Vogue 9040

V9040 View E

Photo, Courtesy of http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/

V9040 Coat

The Process

I received this gifted pattern back in July 2014!  I wasn’t mentally prepared at the time to take this leap of faith to make such an intense coat.  And, it was the middle of the summer, so I had absolutely no incentive to get started.  With my new attitude this year, I’ve been giving myself no room for excuses, so making this coat became obstacle #1.

Steps to working with several pattern pieces:

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the number of pattern pieces that your pattern calls for – follow these simple steps!  This will allow you to stay organized as you go and help remove the anxiety of getting started.

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How To Large Sewing Projects

1. Cut all pattern pieces
2. Separate pieces per fabric requirements – fabric, lining & interfacing
3. Cut your fabric according to your sections

DIY V9040 Coat

The lining pieces…

DIY V9040 Coat

The outer layer…

V9040 Coat

The Facing

V9040 Coat


After finally making the steps to get started, I became really comfortable with making this coat!  It was surprisingly much easier than I originally told myself.

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Pattern Review

Pattern Used:  V9040, View E.  I cut size 12.

Adjustments Made – N/A

Pattern Description:   Lined, fitted and flared coat has collar variations, princess seams, optional sleeve heading, side front pockets and two-piece sleeves.

Pattern Size:  6-8-10-12-14

Does it look like the envelope?  Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes.

What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern? 

The Likes – The instructions were initially intimidating, but were actually very easy to follow.  I love the shape of the coat and the wide collar!  I love a popped collar 🙂

The Dislikes – I think the sleeve cuffs are slightly bulky, with the sewn in interfacing.  I don’t think this [the sewn in facing] is necessary… I also thought the instructions got a little… weird at this step as well.  After I figured it out, everything went back to smooth sailing!

Fabric Used:  Ribbed Wool/Poly Blend (no longer available) from Fabric Mart Fabrics; Red lining fabric from my local Hancock Fabrics.  Y’all know I like a good, RED lining!!

Would you sew it again?  Yes.

Would you recommend it to others?  Yes.


#1  My ‘oops – make it work moment!’ – when prepping for the collar, I cut the wrong side!  I was supposed to cut the LEFT collar, got confused and ended up cutting the RIGHT collar.  It’s ok though.  I decided not to freak out and just roll with it.

V9040 Coat

OUTFIT DETAILS >> Top: Calvin Klein, Gloves: Vintage (HandMeDown), Jeans: H&M – Boyfriend Jeans, Shoes: GoJane Suede Booties

#2  I opted not to add the snap closure.  I think I made a hasty purchase and think I bought the wrong closure…. or maybe it was just a case of ‘USER ERROR’ when installing.  Either way, this puppy does not close.  Yet….

V9040 Coat

Prepping for snap closures

to be continued….

Conclusion:  After getting over the initial shock of how many pattern pieces there were & forcing myself to GET OVER IT and just get started – I was very surprised at how easily the coat began to take shape!  This was my first time making what I would call a REAL coat and I love it!  I’m so happy I finally tried it 🙂

The Finished Product


V9040 Coat

V9040 Coat

V9040 Coat

V9040 Coat

V9040 Coat

I’m glad that I conquered my fears of trying something outside of my usual – very easy vogue patterns!

What are you sewing right now that’s getting you out of your comfort zone?


Nikki 🙂

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