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Vogue V9026 Quilted

Vogue V9026 Quilted

Hola Chicas!

Thanks to Hurricane Patricia, I’ve had to put away my usual crepes and grab some thicker fabrics.  The temp is starting to drop and it’s time to start adding layers to my wardrobe.

Do you watch Project Runway?!

In lieu of the Finale Episode tonight

It’s one of my favorite shows this season and if you’re as into Project Runway as I am, you hear a lot about ‘design aesthetic and textiles’.  Now, I’m no #DesignerKelly, but I enjoyed trying this for the first time.  Kelly from P.R. can make something out of absolutely nothing!  She’s come so far this season, even though I wasn’t too impressed with her line based off of the last episode as  a whole…. we’ll see how it all turns out tonight!

I love the diversity of the designers this season.  I love that they have someone specializing in Plus Size designs and even someone that’s a little goth.  The range this season is impressive!

For me [quilting] seems so appropriate, since the weather is cooling off pretty consistently and from time to time I like to try a little something new!

Quilted Sweater, DIY V9026

Creating Textile | Quilting

Materials needed to create the quilting effect:

  1. Accent material.  I used a lightweight, black suede that I found from Hancock Fabrics.
  2. Batting.  This is the fluffy stuffing to your blankets, coats, etc.  I also found this at Hancock.
  3. Matching Thread.
Quilted Sweater, DIY V9026

Outfit Details: Top: MadeByMe, Bottoms: Banana Republic, Shoes: GUESS

To make this sweater, I used a double weave suiting for this make.  I used V9026, cut a size Medium with the following alterations:

  • I used the pattern to make a triangular cut out for my 6.5 by 7 in (included seam allowance) makeshift shoulder pattern.
  • I used the bottom of my lotion bottle + seam allowance to create my elbow pads and I quilted them in the same manner.
  • Then I scrapped the elbow patch idea altogether and decided to do a quilted block at & around the elbow.  To create this, I cut 12 in x 5 in (2 pieces of suede  + 1 piece of batting for each elbow).

Quilted Sweater, DIY V9026

Tip:  When making adjustments of any to pattern, always remember to include your own seam allowance!  This will ensure that once your add in your new piece, you’ve still encompassed the integrity & shape of the original pattern.

Quilted Sweater, DIY V9026

This pattern is extremely easy to use and it comes together rather quickly.  Read my full pattern review here!

Things to remember when quilting:

  1. Cut the same size pieces for your main fabric as your batting.
  2. Use your [presser] foot as your guide and stick with it.
  3. Add seam allowance.
  4. Don’t worry about the edges!
  5. After you’ve attached this section to your garment, serge or zig zag stitch to reduce bulk & close it up so the batting doesn’t find it’s way out!

Quilted Sweater, DIY V9026

Are you trying new sewing techniques with this changing season?

Who is your pick for this season of Project Runway?

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