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Tutorial: DIY Box Pleats

Tutorial: DIY Box Pleats

After such a great response to the recent posts showcasing my box pleats, I decided to make a REALLY quick video tutorial on how to start box pleats.

This video will show you how to start the process, I can also show you the next steps if you’d like, but I wanted to get the bulk of this ‘How To’ demonstrated first.

Please note: I did not choose the best fabric for this video. I would definitely such a slightly more stable fabric. You can see more about my fabric suggestions in this post.

Instructions to Follow:

  1. Measure your desired length.
  2. Place your 1st pin 2 cm, or 5/8 in from your edge.
  3. Place a 2nd pin 1 inch away from the same edge. This is actually your first pin used for pleating.
  4. All remaining pins (until you reach your desired length) is 2 inches apart.
  5. Once all pins have been placed, start at your 1st pin (see #2) and skip the next pin. You will grab the 3rd pin and match your 1st and 3rd pins together.
  6. Pin your fabric together.
  7. Continue this until your desired length is met.
  8. Repeat step #1, this time it will be against the other end of the fabric.

I hope watching this was helpful.  Next time, I promise to at least talk you thru the steps!!  (technical difficulties :()

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Please let me know your thoughts below and if you decide to try box pleats, I wanna see!!!!

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