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[1st EDITION] 5 Sewing Blogs I’m Obsessed With!

[1st EDITION] 5 Sewing Blogs I’m Obsessed With!

There are several sewing bloggers that I follow – for inspiration,  style, techniques and just plain old sewing crushes.

I look for inspiration in different places to get my sewing juices flowing  Sometimes Pinterest isn’t enough!

I can only tease you with a few of the blogs that I follow.  Check them out here – they’re in no particular order.  Enjoy!

My Top 5 Sewing Blog Obsessions

Merricks Art – Merrick does a lot of refashioning along with her own sewing based on using what she already has to create new looks. She has a really dainty style, that I admire. Plus, her pictorials are super EASY to follow.  Gotta love good, easy instructions, sans the hassle with commercial patterns  🙂

Wanna Be Sewing Something, by Najah Carroll Najah is a veteran, self-taught seamstress who walks you through her journey, sharing her sewing resources & making sewing garments realistic for the real woman.  While perusing her blog, I discovered my next obsession,  The Wardrobe Architect challenge!

The Wardrobe Architect, The Colette Team – This challenge walks you through defining your personal style and discovering what you should be sewing!  No more wasted time, sewing what looks good on the pattern covers.  This will help you sew the types of clothes you actually love to wear!  Since I’m just now finding this, I’ve had to go back to their 2014 material. I’ve completed all of the helpful worksheets.  Plan to check back for a future post about those findings soon!  Since it’s so late in the year, I think I can give this a good try next year.   The Wardrobe Architect is also home to Colette Patterns, an indi-pattern company that sells both printable PDFs and classic patterns.   I’ve been on a search for something new when it comes to patterns and this seems like a likely candidate… despite my disdain for PDF patterns.  (at least they offer the classic patterns, that I’m used to)

Erica Bunker, DIY Style!, Erica Bunker – She’s definitely a vet in the sewing game and her work speaks for itself.  Her overall brand is something that I hope to reach one day, in addition to her incredible craft.   This is a great blog to follow if you’re looking for inspiration, or would like to see how you can make something that was once an inspiration, come to life!

Oonaballoona, Marcy Harriel – If you’re into the sewing blogs as much as I am, this one comes as no surprise to you!  Oonaballoona is known for her bold colors and prints and well sewn garments!  I admire how she sees the potential in such bold colors and knows just what to do with them.  If you’re looking for some added spunk, you’ve got to check out her blog!!

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