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The Fabric Chronicles

The Fabric Chronicles
My Dearest Subscribers,
I’m SO sorry for the notice you got yesterday about a new post!  This was obviously sent in error!  Sometimes, I work on my blog while I’m at work… on my cell phone…. and sometimes I hit buttons that I shouldn’t… because I really should be working and not blogging…. you understand, I’m sure!

Back To The Post!!


The stars are definitely aligned and it’s time I start a series of posts for fabric.  I’ll try to tackle as much as I can and if there’s a topic regarding fabric that you want discussed, please let me know!!

How Much Should You Buy?

If you’re new to sewing, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the cost of fabric can start to really rack up!  Let’s say you’ve really been wanting to make this…. dress and you go to your local fabric store, or you prefer to venture online to find your fabric… how much should you buy?

Here’s my guide to picking the # of yards for whatever I’m gonna make:

  • Dress for me: 2 – 4 yds (depends on length)
  • Skirt for me (mini to midi – length): 2 yds
  • Skirt for me (floor length):  4 yds minimum (depends on fullness)
  • Pants for me:  2 yds
  • Shirts for me:  1.5 yds
  • Anything for kids:  1 – 1.5 yds

Need a Cheat Sheet?

Commercial patterns have helped me become familiar with (generally) how much fabric I’ll need for my projects.  They also show you how to lay your pattern pieces for the size fabric you have – either 45′ or 60′ widths.  This makes it super easy to maximize your fabric, without OVER-buying!

Size of Fabric

Confession I don’t mind over-buying FABRIC (only).  Sometimes, I’ll even do it on purpose!  I have ZERO shame in making multiple outfits from the same fabric 🙂

What Type of Fabric Should I Buy?

If you’re making something new for the first time, I would suggest looking up a pattern that’s similar to what you’re making.  The pattern details will give you suggested fabrics to use.  Fabric DescriptionsSo, until you start to get comfy picking your own, getting to know what’s what about fabric (what’s easy to sew with, what’s too stretchy, too silky etc), I think this is a simple way to get your feet wet.

Don’t want to spend the cash on a pattern you’re not making?  Don’t worry about it!  You don’t have to!  The info you need is on the back of the envelope!!!  You can get the info for FREE!  You can see this info online, or in the store and don’t have to spend a dime!

Where Can I Buy Sewing Patterns?

A better question is…. where can’t you buy patterns!  If you go to any crafting store, ie Joann’s Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, ETC!  Like all things, you can also GOOGLE the pattern company, pattern # etc to order online 🙂

I usually buy my patterns from The McCall Pattern Co.  There, you can actually buy from a variety of vendors – Butterick, Vogue, McCall & Quik Sew.  If you’re really trying to rev up your wardrobe, then subscribe to their membership (annual fee is $9.99) for discounted pattern prices.

Anywho >> I think this captures it for now… please look for the next installment of The Fabric Chronicles coming soon!  If you want to know more about something fabric related, please comment below!  If you don’t feel comfortable with leaving a comment, feel free to shoot me an email – afashionaddict1@gmail.com!

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