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The Common Sense of Fitting to Size

The Common Sense of Fitting to Size

Lately, I’ve been sewing a lot for others and I’m really wanting to learn more about how to fit to the perfect size/shape.  I’m not sure about you, but I end up doing a lot of research while I’m at my 9-5.  It’s kind of funny how your hobby can sometimes take over your LIFE!  I know I’m supposed to be working, but … well, you understand 🙂

Social media connects you to so much information, it’s pretty incredible if you really sit back and think about it.  You can find information about anything or anyone if you reeeeaaaallllly wanted to………… Using these powers for good and not evil – I found this series from following McCall Pattern Company’s page on Facebook.  Melissa Watson is a designer for McCall’s Pattern Co and she has a serious on YouTube with step-by-step instructions on how to fit your pattern pieces.   HEAVEN!   You can check out the preview of her series HERE.


Watching these videos has just really opened my eyes to some key things about learning to fit garments:

  • how important it is to take your pattern pieces and actually fit them to your ‘subject’ – texting measurements doesn’t exactly cut it, if you’re looking for the perfect fit.
  • if done right – there is a lot of time that goes into this step, so if you want a good outcome don’t cut corners here.
  • the pattern pieces are just guides to making the shape of the overall look, but it is far from tailoring to fit the individual body.
  • the hip measurement is the most important when selecting the pattern size.  It’s typically the widest part of the body and because of this – you will tailor in from the hip… to the waist etc.
  • use the ‘lengthen/shorten here’ sections to cut the pattern pieces and alter according to your ‘subject’; pin and tape to get the pattern piece to the custom size that you need.

Conceptually – this stuff makes perfect sense, but have you ever had that ‘Aha moment’ when you’re like…. ‘OH, Thaaaaat’s how you do it??

I’ve come a LONG way from poking holes in clothes because that’s what I thought you were supposed to do when that’s what the pattern looks like 🙂


(Read about that disaster HERE.)

Sidenote:  I received my serger in the mail yesterday and I’m feeling pretty empowered!  Nothing can stop me now!! 🙂 (singing ‘ain’t no stoppin’ us now, we’re on the move’, McFadden & Whitehead)

Brother 1034D

Truth be told – I’m not ready to play with it yet…

Brother 1034D

Anywho… I look forward to learning more about fitting and getting the proper tools to get it done right.  First, I know I’ll need some pattern tracing paper.  I found this online for a decent price.  I need to bust out my card board w grid lines from their hiding place in the corner of my sewing room too…  Happy to know what to do with it now.


As I learn new things, I will continue to share  them with you.  I hope you found some of this information useful.  If you did, please scroll UP and Subscribe for more!

Until next time… XOXO!



  1. March 18, 2015 / 10:44 AM

    I’m excited to see you learning and growing in your craft! Oh and I know what you mean about hobbies spilling over into work life. 😉

  2. Korra Williams
    March 18, 2015 / 1:04 PM

    Great Blog Nikki. I still have to get you a pic of my dress but out of the packaging it looks absolutely ravishing.

    • afashionaddict
      March 18, 2015 / 1:17 PM

      Can’t wait to see it!

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