Devil in a Blue [DIY] Dress!

It’s about that time… We’re getting into the Summer months and the weather in Texas is shouting out DRESS SEASON.  Bust out your TNT (tried – n – true) patterns and make something happen.

Enter… my summertime Blue [DIY] Dress

DIY V8840 Pattern Hack

This time around, I chose Vogue Pattern V8840, also seen HERE.

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Burda’s August Flagship Kit

Like many of you in the sewing community, I’ve been searching for some new patterns for the upcoming Fall season.  If you’ve followed my blog, by now you know how much of a fan I am of Vogue Patterns. I’ve always been attracted to their style and their instructions are easy for me to follow, now that I’ve been sewing for a bit.

I’ve sewn a few McCall & Butterick patterns. McCall patterns are great for beginners. Butterick definitely has some really nice style options that I like, different from Vogue and are also pretty easy instructions to follow.

I’ve seen several sewists experiment with other patterns, hacking them up into their own style.  For the first time in forever (singing Frozen tune in my head 🙂 ), I jumped out and started looking around and took a leap of faith…. or something like it.

I ordered Burda Style’s August Flagship Kit a few weeks back…. I really liked the outfits and you can’t beat such a great deal – 5 different collections, over 50 different pieces for only $19.99!  Who doesn’t love a good deal?!

Burda Style vs Vogue patterns:


  • Printable patterns (only).
  • Instructions are written out with no pictures.
  • Does not include seam/hem allowances, but advise you to add 5/8in seam allowance.
  • Goes into great detail for fitting/measuring, accompanied with different sizing charts.
  • Competitive pricing for patterns – ranging from $0.99 to $5.99 for individual patternsinstrx.1 instrx.2 sizing instrx


  • Gives you the option to receive the packaged pattern with instructions etc or you can print it off.
  • Includes pictures with steps as you go.
  • Pattern pieces include seam allowances.
  • Provides measurements of completed garments vs your personal measurements to determine size for fabric info.
  • Breaks down the different fabric widths and how much fabric to buy.
  • Prices vary, depending on promotions and they offer memberships for additional discounts.

v sizing.2

v sizing

I think I’ve been a tad bit spoiled with Vogue!  They are great for those learning to sew.

Burda definitely has the intermediate and advanced seamstresses in mind.  They deal with people who don’t need as much help upfront.  My goal is to try them out and see how it goes.

I love sewing and stretching myself to continue to grow and get better at it.

To be continued…

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Happy Sewing 🙂


Fall Into Fall: A DIY Top

Well, I guess I spoke too soon in my last post about Summer months lasting into Fall.  We just got out first ‘cold front’ and the temp has actually dropped into the 60’s!

Don’t get me wrong – I love and look forward to the seasons changing. I love it when the wind blows!! Especially after months of dry heat. 😀

To start off my Fall sewing projects, I opted for this tunic top, Vogue Pattern V8840 (currently out of print), View B.  My fabric choice is a plum, blouse weight stretch crepe.

DIY V8840

This is a really quick and easy project, with slim to no degree of difficulty.  Perfect for a novice sewist!

DIY V8840

After cutting pattern pieces and fabric, it took me 3 hours to make!

Side Note:  I did run into one problem when top stitching the center front seam. My bobbin thread came out a little… skip-py on the front of the top, so I had to remove it and sew it again with my top/needle thread for the top stitching.

DIY V8840

There’s nothing like being able to start something new and finish the same day… without having to THINK! We all need more projects like this once in awhile.

Quick Tip:  When sewing stretch fabrics, you’ll want to slightly tug the fabric as you’re sewing. This will keep your thread nice and taught and will prevent your seams from snapping once your fabric stretches.

DIY V8840

Overall, I’m happy with the outcome!  I love quick projects!

DIY V8840

What’s on your sewing list for this Fall Season?

I’m still on the look out for new patterns! More to come…

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DIY Joggers: V8909 + Pattern Review

Joggers:  The ‘New Black’ of Fashion.

They’re comfortable.  Versatile.  You can wear them / make them in any knit-based fabric and rock them with any top, jacket, tank… flip flops, flats or your favorite heels.

Joggers, the modern day sweatpants, were strictly reserved for weekend attire.  Roll out of bed, grab the closest pair to you and throw on an oversized T – and there you go.  Not anymore!  I seriously need to meet the person who brought these pants out of the dresser drawers and made them fashionable!!  These pants speak LIFE to me.

I’ve made this pattern before and since I’ve worn them OUT… I’ve forced myself to make another pair.  😀  (or at least, that’s what I’ve told my hubby!)

My Perfect Pants

My Perfect Pants

My Perfect Pants

Pattern Review

Pattern Used:  V8909, View B.  I cut size XL.

Alterations Made:

  • Removed the front flap (fake zipper placer)
  • 1.5′ elastic waistband
  • .5′ elastic for leg bands (gathered)

Pattern Description:  Misses pants, fitted below the waist.  Pants have elastic and ribbon drawstring, yoke back, side seam pockets and leg bands (elasticized).

Pattern Size:  L, XL, XXL

Does it look like the photo on the pattern envelope?  Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes.

What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern?  I love a pattern with minimal pieces.  This pattern uses 5 pattern pieces and the instructions are very easy to follow.  It comes together so quickly.

Fabric Used:  4 way stretch knit, tribal print.  Very lightweight.  Perfect for warmer weather.

Would you sew it again?   This has been a staple in my wardrobe and I plan on extending this very soon!  I plan on making many more options, colors, prints etc.

Would you recommend it to others?  I definitely recommend this pattern to others.  If you need an easy, pick-me-up project – this is perfect!  Very easy for beginners.

Conclusion:  The perfect pattern for me.  My Perfect Pants Pattern!

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DIY Pullover Top V9026

What is your signature style?  Are you into dresses or skirts? Jeans n tees? Heels or flats?

I am a jeans and t-shirt type of girl.  Always have been.  Almost to a fault, but when I wake up that’s what I’m looking to grab – a cute/comfy pair of jeans, a fashionable top, jacket and most likely some flats or one of my latest obsessions – booties!

Since I’ve been on this mission to ‘make my wardrobe’ I’ve been looking for patterns that really suit my personality and things that I know I’ll wear, come rain or shine!  Naturally, I went to my trusty Vogue/McCalls Patterns for some inspiration and came across this pattern.  Another ‘very easy vogue‘ pattern, which means minimal pattern pieces and not a whole lot of thinking.

Note for Beginners:  Typically, very easy Vogue patterns are very easy to construct, with very little room for question.


Materials Used:

  • I cut a size 10, View Av9026
  • I used some faux leather from Joann’s for the front pieces from my stash.
  • Another stash find – I used some stretchy knit fabric that I’ve been wanting to use for the longest, for the remainder of the pieces.
  • Matching thread

Pattern Review:

This project came together pretty quickly.  The instructions are to the point and very easy to follow.  One word of advice – don’t iron leather.  🙂

Anyways.  The fabric I used was so soft.  It’s perfect for a shirt/top.

Alterations Made:

Please note that when I started this project, it was late.  And I was sleepy.  I made it to the final step of adding the waistband and after a few attempts, fabric around the seams became a little worn.  I decided that I needed to add some length to the band, so that I won’t have any trouble stretching it out to match up and around the bottom of the bodice.  My stretchy knit was just that.  Stretchy.  And after so many stretches, the top was… well, stretched.  You understand!

I added about 2 inches to the length of the band and 2-3 inches in width.  It worked perfectly.

Does the outcome look like the picture?  Yes, it looks identical.

Would I recommend this pattern to others?  Yes, it’s a great weekend project if you need something quick or just want something easy to sew!  This pattern is perfect for beginners.

Do you plan to make this again?  Yes!!  In different colors and combinations.  I think the leather definitely dresses this top up, so pairing this with matching slacks for work or even some coordinating track pants would work too.  I will be making a pair to wear with this top soon…

v9026 sleeve

v9026 neckline

v9026 front

v9026 side



Don’t wanna make it?  Buy it here. Email me directly for custom orders!