#LostFiles DIY High Waist Pants

Today’s post will be a quick one…

DIY High Waist Pants + Christmas Party Wear!

This past weekend I went to my company’s Holiday Party and had an absolute BLAST!

What I Wore


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McCall’s Color & Fabric Suggestions for Fall

McCall Pattern Co has just released their Fall Lookbook, full of color and fabric suggestions for fall sewing.

The color palettes are awesome and they also provide you with pattern suggestions as well.

[Ignore the ‘click to read’ note] 🙂

#1 Collage

McCallsPatternCo Collage Colors

McCalls Pattern Co – Collage Colors

McCallsPatternCo Collage Patterns

McCalls Pattern Co – Collage Patterns

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Ready to WEDDING!

Don’t make MOUNTAINS out of molehills!

Ya know sometimes you never really know what you’re gonna get when asked to make something for someone…

Now, I won’t lie and say that when someone asks me if I can do something, I’m completely overjoyed and confident that I can deliver on their vision.  I’d love to say how confident I am about trying new things!  But that would be a lie!  LIES I’d be telling 🙂

I lose sleep!  Often.  Trying to wrap my mind about making someone’s custom look special and professional and what they really want and something that’ll ‘WOW’ them… you get my drift.

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DIY Joggers: V8909 + Pattern Review

Joggers:  The ‘New Black’ of Fashion.

They’re comfortable.  Versatile.  You can wear them / make them in any knit-based fabric and rock them with any top, jacket, tank… flip flops, flats or your favorite heels.

Joggers, the modern day sweatpants, were strictly reserved for weekend attire.  Roll out of bed, grab the closest pair to you and throw on an oversized T – and there you go.  Not anymore!  I seriously need to meet the person who brought these pants out of the dresser drawers and made them fashionable!!  These pants speak LIFE to me.

I’ve made this pattern before and since I’ve worn them OUT… I’ve forced myself to make another pair.  😀  (or at least, that’s what I’ve told my hubby!)

My Perfect Pants

My Perfect Pants

My Perfect Pants

Pattern Review

Pattern Used:  V8909, View B.  I cut size XL.

Alterations Made:

  • Removed the front flap (fake zipper placer)
  • 1.5′ elastic waistband
  • .5′ elastic for leg bands (gathered)

Pattern Description:  Misses pants, fitted below the waist.  Pants have elastic and ribbon drawstring, yoke back, side seam pockets and leg bands (elasticized).

Pattern Size:  L, XL, XXL

Does it look like the photo on the pattern envelope?  Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes.

What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern?  I love a pattern with minimal pieces.  This pattern uses 5 pattern pieces and the instructions are very easy to follow.  It comes together so quickly.

Fabric Used:  4 way stretch knit, tribal print.  Very lightweight.  Perfect for warmer weather.

Would you sew it again?   This has been a staple in my wardrobe and I plan on extending this very soon!  I plan on making many more options, colors, prints etc.

Would you recommend it to others?  I definitely recommend this pattern to others.  If you need an easy, pick-me-up project – this is perfect!  Very easy for beginners.

Conclusion:  The perfect pattern for me.  My Perfect Pants Pattern!

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The Flirty Skirt

Still saturated in my infatuation with pleats, I sought out to do switch this up and do something different – a gathered mini-circle skirt.

Everything was working out as planned and then…. I went to cut out the zipper space vs adding a zipper to the back center seam aaannnnddddd…… totally eff’d messed up what started off as a quick & easy skirt.  (gathering is so much easier, less time consuming than pleating)

Quick Tip:  Don’t cut into your thread, after you’ve gathered your material!!!  Cutting the thread completely loses all of you work AND you will need to improvise!

After about 2 or 3 attempts to re-create my gathers on either side of my zipper (post zipper install), I realized that where I placed my zipper was OFF center and on top of that… CROOKED!!!!

I mean, how many ways can you eff mess up something SO simple?  Seriously, this is a basic skirt.  No pattern needed.  Just cut, baste and go!

Completely frustrated and ready to finish, I decided to go to my good ole pleats!  This time, instead of doing box pleats, I decided to do very simple ‘cascading’, or knife pleats.  (I learned the official name of this style pleat after I finished this skirt.) 

The Flirty Skirt

Here are the skirt details, if you’re interested in making something similar:

  • Fabric was cut 72′ x 19′.
  • Added side seam pockets, using V8909 pocket pattern.
  • Added 3′ wide waistband with zipper down center seam; closed with a hook & eye.
  • Rolled a 1′ hem.

The Flirty Skirt

I love my flirty skirt!!  The pleats give so much VOLUME and the length is versatile and…. well, flirtySometimes, when you make mistakes, things actually end up even better than what you intended in the first place!

The Flirty Skirt

The Flirty Skirt

This is a perfect look for summer – pair it with your favorite pair of sandals, or dress it up with a plain tank/blazer combo with some pumps! 🙂

Clearly, pleats is my go-to style this Spring.  What’s your go to style?