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Sewalong: Sewing Your Skirt + Attaching the Bodice!

Sewalong: Sewing Your Skirt + Attaching the Bodice!

Sewalong: Week 5 – Sewing Your Skirt… and Attaching Your Bodice!

Today’s post has a few steps wrapped into one video.  By the end, you’ll have a completed jacket dress.

REMEMBER!  I want to see yours, so be sure to tag me in pictures of your finished looks HERE and use #SeeItSewItStyleIt!!

#1 Sewing The Skirt:

  • Whenever sewing curves, take your time!  You want to maintain your 5/8 seam allowances around those curved edges.
  • Clip below the base of the pocket, within the seam allowance.  This helps the pocket have some movement underneath the garment.

#2 Hemming

  • You can simply fold TWICE your hemmed edge; or you can cut off the lower edge and then fold.
  • Pin & iron before sewing.  (I always iron my hem, before sewing it down.  This helps especially around curves!)

#3 Attaching Skirt to Bodice:

  • When pinning, you’ll want to pin your pockets toward the FRONT panel.
  • Match all seams & edges along the top of your skirt with the bottom of your bodice.
  • There are lots of layers here, so be sure to pin all layers down.
    • I suggest pinning horizontally (left to right) vs vertically (up and down).
    • If you have any fabric bunching – use the Slash and Spread Method with the straight fabric and pin vs your bunched fabric to spread out your straighter fabric.
  • Sew slowly over the thicker layers.  You don’t want the thickness to get you off base with your seam allowance.
    • Sew twice, along your waistline to secure it.

#4 Finish the Loose Ends & Seams!

  • Repeat #2 on the inside edge of your garment, open the seam allowances at your waist and wrap those ends into your new hem.
  • Let your finished garment hang for at least 2 hours.  Heavier garments should hang for longer periods of time…

You’re Done!

I’ll be sharing my final look in the next post!!

Until next time…. xoxo!


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