Sewalong: Sewing Your Bodice (3 of 4)

Sewalong: Sewing Your Bodice (3 of 4)

Happy Saturday, Peeps!

Today’s post is all about attaching your Vogue 8825 bodice front to your bodice back.

This one’s a long one folks!

In video #3 – we’ll be attaching the bodice back pieces [unless you’ve opted to cut the bodice back on the fold] and attaching the bodice back to the bodice front.

Get your pins ready!

Please excuse my husband in the background!!  You’ll know what I mean when you see it hear him! 🙂

Don’t Forget!  Take pics and TAG ME!!  This wouldn’t be a true sewalong, if we couldn’t show ‘n tell 🙂

Up next – we’ll be attaching the sleeve band!  Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how this is done.

We’ll start Week 5 with a completed bodice & ready to make our pleated skirt, with pockets & hemming!!

Until next time…. xoxoxo


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