Sewalong: Pre-Treating Your Fabric + Video Tutorial

Sewalong: Pre-Treating Your Fabric + Video Tutorial

Happy Monday!

I’ve been in a #SewingConfessional type of mood lately.  Allow me to be completely honest.  I don’t typically pre-treat my fabric.  I’m a “I’m-so-excited-to start” &I-don’t-wanna-take-the-extra-time” type of girl when it comes to my sewing!

Am I alone on an island here??  The ‘I don’t pre-treat my fabric‘ island.

I’ve even been bit by the fabric bleeding bug before, so ya know I should have learned a less on pre-treating by now, right?!

At any rate, for the sake of the sewalong I’ve decided to follow the rules and pre-treat! 🙂

Please check out this very quick video on prepping your fabric & don’t forget to comment with questions below!

Who’s ready for PRE-TREATING???


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