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Sewalong: Box Pleated Skirt (No Math Needed!)

Sewalong: Box Pleated Skirt (No Math Needed!)

Happy Easter!

Yesterday, my neighborhood hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt and we had such a great turnout, I had to share with you!  Aren’t these kiddos so cute 🙂

IMG_3637 IMG_3638

Sewalong:  Week 5 – Sewing Your Skirt

Now it’s time to dive in and make these box pleats so that we can complete our skirts for this Jacket Dress.

There are several ways to make box pleats.  I actually learned this method from a YouTube video when I made my first box pleated skirt.  It’s a super easy way to make your pleats and the best part is – all you need is a ruler and pins!!

box pleats

The key points to know:

  • Pin 1/2 inch from the end (left side) of your fabric and then pin at another 1 inch mark.  This is the first pin to use when making your pleats.
  • From every point thereafter – you will pin every TWO inches until you’ve added as many pins as you can.
  • To form your pleats – start with the 2nd pin from the end, skip the 3rd pin and meet/touch your 4th pin.  Skip and pin.  Once you’ve matched your 2nd/4th pins together, you can consolidate your pins here and join all of this fabric into 1 pin.

You can do it!!

I hope this video helps someone!  If you have questions over something that you see here, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Up next, I’ll be sharing how to attach all of your pleated panels together AND installing your pockets into the side seams.  Make sure your bobbin is fully wound for this one!

Until next time…. xoxo!


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