Sewalong: Adding Side Panels & Pockets

Sewalong: Adding Side Panels & Pockets

Sewalong: Week 5 – Sewing Your Skirt

Recovering from the long weekend and back at work again…

Here is a super quick video showing you how to attach your the panels with your pockets in preparation to sew them all in place.

A few things to remember here:

  • Sew one pocket piece on either side of your back skirt panel and one pocket piece to ONE side of each side panel – all should be sewn, right sides together.
  • After all pockets are sewn – iron open your seam allowances.  Then iron all pockets toward the pocket. 🙂
  • Next, you’ll want to sew the pockets on each side panel again (top stitch), 1/4 seam allowance.  This will allow the front of your pocket to always face the front of your garment.  You don’t want your pocket not to know which way to go!


Let’s make it a great week!!  The next post will conclude the sewalong – sewing your bodice and skirt together 🙂

Until next week…. xoxox!


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