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Relying on My Pins

Relying on My Pins

Mid project, I decided that it was time for my machine to go to the shop. I’ve pushed this out as long as I can and it’s gotten to the point where I can tell she’s gotten worse. (Yes, my machine is a ‘she’. She’s a part of the family and this process, so she’s got a personality.)

During this downtime, I’m trying to take advantage and use this time to get creative. Pinterest has become a staple for my inspiration. I’ve realized that I need to go back to my old pins and see what I’ve already liked. I’ve pinned a lot! There is just so much out there to choose from.

Right now, I’m in love with shift dresses, distressed jeans and blazers. You can see some of my noteworthy and favorite pins here.  I haven’t found a good blazer pattern yet. I’ve thought about taking apart an old blazer in my closet and using that as a pattern, but that may be done when I have a whole lot of time on my hands and nowhere to go. Ripping apart seams is not the funnest thing in the world. It hurts your hands after a while and you feel like you’re never moving fast enough.  I have had way too much practice at ripping seams…es no bueno.

In the midst of looking up styles, today is pay day so naturally I’m looking up which fabric will be my next find/victim for a new project. I finally committed to some printed fabrics found online at moodfabrics.com.  I plan on making a shift dress and another fit ‘n flare dress once my machine is back.  We shall see!


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