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Sewing Bucket List

Sewing Bucket List

Hi Chicas!

Today’s post is a tad bit late.  I made these pants several weeks ago and this got lost in the shuffle somehow…

I saw this pic on Instagram several months ago, I believe and I finally worked up the nerve to give it a try… or something similar.

The inspiration

Red Pants Inspiration

Photo Credit: www.youngatstyle.com

I wanted red pants, so red pants I shall have!

Because wearing red pants was such a stretch for me, I went with a very familiar pattern for these pants, McCall’s Pattern M6514.  This pattern has four different options and can come in 2 different lengths.  When selecting patterns, who doesn’t like options?!

I chose View D, similar HERE.

Pleated Red Pants M6514

Outfit Details: Blazer – Banana Republic, Tank – Target, Pants – #MadeByMe the

I love this pattern – I can’t get enough!!

You know you’ve made a pattern too many times when you’ve memorized the pattern # by heart….

Instead of gathering the waist, I chose to pleat the waistband for more structure.  So, this is technically a mixture of View B (pleats) & View D (super wide legs).

Pleated Red Pants M6514

Blazer – Banana Republic, Pants – #MadeByMe

Fabric Details

I used some suiting crepe fabric from my stash, from FabricMart. I used this same fabric here. I bought over 5 yards of this fabric.  I love red!  This particular fabric is no longer available, but I found a similar one here!

Pleated Red Pants M6514

Jacket – Vintage Armani

Made for Comfort!

This pattern’s waistband is elastic in the back and faced in the front.  If you’ve ever made a pair of pants with an elastic waist too tight, this pant is perfect for having the balance of the comfort of an elastic waist, with the structure of of fitted front. I love it!! <3

Pleated Red Pants M6514

Jacket – Vintage Armani

Pleated Red Pants M6514

Jacket – Vintage Armani, Pants – #MadeByMe

I plan on trying another pair of red pants sometime soon, possibly with not such a wide leg and higher waist.  The higher the waist, the closer to God!?  😛

I know you’re probably sick of seeing the same pants on this blog, but if you’re interested in a quick tutorial – let me know!  I’ve gotten rid of my excuses and I’m ready to start showing you guys some tutorials!!  Woop woop 🙂

If you’d like a complete pattern review for these pants, check out my thoughts HERE!

What’s on your sewing bucket list?


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