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Project Runway S16 Finale Recap

Project Runway S16 Finale Recap

Let me start by saying that this season’s runway show was really exciting and the judges thoughts and final critiques couldn’t have been more dramatic! This episode was great!

Episode 14 – Finale Part 2

Here are my thoughts on these final 4 collections.  I have highlighted my favorite looks from each collection – this post is picture heavy!

S16 Cast – Finale

Margarita. I said it before and I’ll say it again, she went home and after talking with Tim, came back to NYC with a vengeance!

E14 Margarita Tim Gunn

She owned her aesthetic with each look. I feel like she was very intentional about every look and designed a great fashion show. You can always FEEL when a designer puts everything into their art and I could tell Margarita wanted it! I think this whole collection was the best we’ve seen from Margarita.

E14 Margarita Look 1

E14 Margarita Look 2

I think there may have been one look in her collection that could have been better but overall, she brought elements that I expect to see at a fashion show. I loved the color. I loved the movement. I loved the wrapped skirt being pulled off the plus size model to give the element of something fabulous. She puts on a good show.

E14 Margarita Look 3

E14 Margarita Look 4

E14 Margarita Look 5

I think if we saw more of her hidden talents of textile design, hand working with the heading and accessories that she showcased at Fashion Week, she may have faired better during the season.


Brandon. I have to be honest here.  Brandon has been the “golden boy” of this season and could seemingly do no wrong with the judges.

E14 Brandon Workroom

I agree with Ayana and her comments in her confessional – the judges haven’t ever given Brandon much feedback about what to work on.  He’s received nothing but praise and even though I agree that his look is new and fresh, I feel like he lacked growth throughout the season. 

E14 Brandon Tim Gunn

Although people love his unique point of view, someone probably should have told him to add some spice to his runway show. This is Fashion Week we’re talking about. You need DRAMA and none of his looks brought the drama.

E14 Brandon Look 1

E14 Brandon Look 2

E14 Brandon Look 3

It was good to see all of the emotions Brandon felt after the judges handed him his fate. I feel bad for him though. I think with better feedback, he could have had an editing eye and would have known to make the necessary changes.


Kentaro. I love how free Kentaro felt after the last critiques to just do whatever he wanted. I felt, after the last episode, that Kentaro was the underdog going into the Finale. Kentaro easily received the hardest comments and you could tell he felt like he didn’t have a chance at winning.

E14 Kentaro Workroom

He worked hard self editing and even asked for help from Margarita to design the order of his show.  It worked. He came up a line up that told a good story but the one things that stole the show for me was the silence in the audience!

E14 Kentaro Look 1

E14 Kentaro Look 2

E14 Kentaro Look 3

E14 Kentaro Look 4

E14 Kentaro Look 5

Everyone was so blown away by the music (that he composed) and the total unexpectedness of each look. It was truly magical and EMOTIONAL. It was lovely.

I think that art should evoke some sort of emotion. Kentaro has been known as an abstract designer this season and he made me a believer in this Finale!


Ayana. Everyone’s “feel good success story” and pick to win it all, could’ve also benefited from having a little more umph when it comes to adding color to her looks.  We saw in the last episode that Ayana was the victim of an apartment flood while designing this collection and I’m starting to think that this event affected her mood and her collection represented that mood…

E14 Ayana Tim Gunn

I think her looks were very RTW, or ready to wear and her finale piece was the only stand out / runway-ready look. 

E14 Ayana Look 1

E14 Ayana Look 2

E14 Ayana Look 3

Again, you’ve got to bring the drama here and she really wowed the judges with that Finale piece!  If she had more of THAT in her show, I think she would’ve won.

E14 Ayana Look 4This dress was absolutely gorgeous and easily Ayana’s best work this entire season!  She keep this beauty a secret the entire episode!  Absolutely beautiful.

I totally recognize that each designer wanted to win. But there was a certain level of “eye of the tiger” in both Ayana and Margarita that I felt.


In other Project Runway news… it’s year has been a sad year for Project Runway alum. Right after the finale of season 16 aired we lost another Project Runway vet, Wendy Pepper at age 53. Wendy was a constant in season 1 and even made it to Fashion Week that year. She finished 2nd overall… This comes after losing another PR alum, Mychael Knight just a month ago at the age of 39. Michael placed 4th in season 3. I’ve been a mega fan of this show for years and you become attracted to these characters designers. I also have a weird obsession with death and become a bit of a stalker researching causes of death and how people loved their lives when people die relatively young… Anywho! Enough about me and my random obsessions…


E14 Group Hug

I’m so happy for Kentaro!  I love to see underdogs win!!  Not to be ‘negative Nancy’ or anything but I think Brandon thought he had it in the bag and I’m happy to see someone who didn’t think they had a chance put their all out there and WIN!  It gives me faith in the Project Runway process – it’s not just another reality show.  Show producers may edit for TV drama but they can’t predict the outcome.


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