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Project Runway S16 E9 Recap

Project Runway S16 E9 Recap

#SpoilerAlert!  This episode was an emotional roller coaster with the winner from last week getting booted for cheating, no winner for the overall challenge but Dixie Cup still choosing a design for their cup… and a double elimination !! Whew!  That was a lot. 

Now, let’s get into it!

After Michael walked out last week when Claire was announced as the winner, the truth slowly began to unfold.  Batani was brave enough to tell the judges what was going on and about the murmurings from the workroom regarding Claire and her replicated designs.  Behind the curtain, Michael and Margarita tell Tim Gunn about the retractable measuring tape that Claire takes to her room each night and uses to measure her own clothes.  

E9 Claire explains

According to Project Runway rules, recreating a look is not a violation, but when your design time ends each night, you can’t take tools with you from the workroom.

E9 Claire

After further review, Tim Gunn asked Claire if she had done what she was accused of… and she admits that it is true.  Tim Gunn immediately announces that Claire’s win is no longer valid and that she must leave the competition.  WHOA!

E9 Tim Gunn

With Claire now leaving, Batani, who was chosen as the loser from the challenge can now stay and live to see another challenge.  Talk about heart palpitations with no commercial breaks!  This was a lot!  But I will say this – I felt like this was full vindication for all of the trash talking & replicating that the twins have done week to week.  I think the competition is getting back on track now…. thank goodness!

Since there was no longer a winner to the challenge, Dixie Cup still needed a design for their Project Runway cup.  They loved Brandon’s design, so his print will be featured on their cup!

Episode 9 – A “Little” Avant Garde 

Now that all of that “who shot Johnny” has been sorted out, Heidi announces the next challenge – which is introduced with a room full of kiddos and dolls!  This week the designers are making avant garde pieces inspired by Shopkin dolls.  The winner of this challenge will also win $5,000 in cash!

The little girls are matched with a designer and tell them about their favorite Shopkin doll, which the designers use as inspiration to come up with their avant garde looks.

Almost immediately you can tell there’s a shift in the attitude among the designers. 

E9 workroom

It seemed like all of the designers had a really good time with this challenge, although Amy expresses that she misses her family and spending time with her daughter during the drafting stage… Brandon also struggled a bit with taking his design aesthetic and tying it into what his little girl wanted to use as inspiration – chocolate!  🙂

Aside from the opening segment, there wasn’t much drama to this episode.  Each designer just got to work and for the most part, it was a fairly exciting (and original) runway show!

There were 4 looks that made the top this week & only 2 looks were on the bottom, with the chance of 2 designers going home.

E9 Top 4 Bottom 2

The Top 4

Ayana really brought it this week!  I’m so happy that she took wanted to go for it and get out of the “safe zone”.  She made this oversized cupcake top, accented with a super large bow & polka dot pants with tulle ruffles!  Tim Gunn and even the other designers didn’t see the vision for this look in the beginning but Ayana executed it very well and it paid off for her.

E9 Ayana

Michael’s inspiration was a melting disco ball!  I’m still shocked he was able to find this fabric!!  Absolutely beautiful.

E9 Michael

Brandon stuck to his design aestetic and incorporated menswear into his avant garde look.  He used this olive green instead of the chocolate brown that the little girl wanted and the judges really liked his look.

E9 Brandon

Margarita’s look has to be my personal favorite this week.  It looks like wearable art to me and is just whimsical!  It reminds me of something Vera Wang would send down the runway…

E9 Margarita 

Michael was the winner this week!

E9 Michael wins

The Bottom 2

Amy’s look was ultimately uninspired and looked like she had lost her luster…

E9 Amy

Batani’s look felt like it wasn’t well thought out and executed poorly.  She stands by what she made…

E9 Batani

Unfortunately, both ladies were eliminated this week….  It was a sad day in the workroom!

E9 Goodbyes

Next up is another unconventional challenge…!


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