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Project Runway S16 E8 Recap

Project Runway S16 E8 Recap

Ok, so the last episode left us with a little suspense and this episode doesn’t leave us with much more other than the fact that we’ve lost Shawn… She was so upset with having to go against Claire that it ultimately clouded her ability to design a new look for the challenge.  She chose to concede and give Claire a shot at making a name for herself in this competition.

E8 Shawn leaves

I really wish we could have seen some design work from the 2 of them and a chance to see who deserved to be there.  But I think the fact that Shawn couldn’t come up with anything within the first 15 minutes says a lot.  Claire came in and went right to work, cutting fabric, pinning to the dress form and basically had something to show the judges, while Shawn was fumbling around the workroom in tears. 

I guess that pretty much sums up who is the better designer better deserving twin to stay in the competition…

I think it was the best thing for Shawn to do, but how will Claire do without Shawn’s presence in the workroom?

Episode 8 – Client on the Go

I must say… I had high expectations for this week’s episode and was left feeling like this season is turning into just another reality show by the end of it.  This recap is full of Margarita & Claire drama, so prepare yourself…

Not that this episode is short on it’s own drama but the breaking news of the show’s infamous executive producer, Harvey Weinstein, and the allegations of sexual assaults on female actresses he’s worked with over the years… some of which, included some very well known names… I was even more shocked to learn that one of Project Runway‘s reoccurring judges, Georgina Chapman, is married to this man.  Harvey Weinstein was immediately removed as EP on Project Runway.  Very big news in the entertainment industry and a shocker for me to know that he was so intertwined into my favorite show!

Friends and family of the show’s crew members are selected to be the models/clients this week.  I love how we’re seeing more life-size models this season on Project Runway!  I can appreciate how the show is making this more of a reality by incorporating this into their competition.

The challenge this week is to create your own printed fabric and the winner’s print will be selected to be on the Dixie Cup AND the winning designer will win $25,000 in cash!!! 

E8 Dixie Cup

Margarita has immunity this week and she is the last winner that will be granted immunity for any future challenges. 

By now, you’ve caught on and know that with each episode comes its own amount of drama!  Episode 8 (E8) is no different!  Claire starts to draft up a bodice that looks very similar to Margarita’s challenge winning look from last week and Margarita was UPSET about it!  And rightfully so.  The top was draped exactly like hers and even Tim Gunn noticed it was familiar to something he’d seen before, only he thought it was still Claire’s original design.  An easy mistake to make with so many looks to keep up…  others also either took notice on their own or heard the murmurings from Margarita in the workroom, but Amy & Ayana, for starters didn’t feel like it was that serious……….

Tim Gunn recommends that Claire do something different with her top and she does.  She completely redesigns her top, asking for some designer feedback in the workroom but can’t seem to get much feedback from Margarita, her buddy.  She’s feeling the tension from other designers but can’t put her finger on what’s going on. 

To make matters worse – Margarita apparently sees Claire in the ladies’ room with a pair of pants that she already owns (Claire) and her measuring tape.  She feels like Claire is taking the measurements from her RTW pants and using them to come up with the pants for the challenge. 

The Top 3

Kenya.  Kenya and her model turned out to be kindred spirits.  I liked Kenya’s print design and think it would be a great fit for the Dixie cup challenge, however I agree with the judge’s comments this week about the overall look of the garment.  The bodice was ill-fitting and I honestly think it’s time that she venture out of the peplum world and try something new!

E8 Kenya

E8 Kenya

Kentaro.  This look brought up some debate this week!  Zac Posen and Nina Garcia raved over this look and color palette, while Heidi Klum ate this look for breakfast!  Heidi hated that the petite model was swallowed up in so much fabric that you couldn’t see her figure, while Zac & Nina were more impressed with the look’s design.  I thought this was a design competition?

E8 Kentaro

E8 Kentaro

Claire.  Naturally, in the spirit of Reality TV and anything that just isn’t fair based on GP (general principle), Claire lands her spot on top this week.  The judges agreed that there was a lack of creativity and design, but because this look was ready for the market Heidi felt this was the best look… 

E8 Claire

E8 Claire

I was impressed with the judges this week and their polarized points of view.  Often times, you don’t really see Zac Posen disagree with Heidi, but it was good to see some banter on the judges’ panel.

E8 judges

Ultimately, if Heidi likes something you can almost bet that her favorite look wins.

E8 Heidi

And it did.  Claire was the winner this week… but not without just a little more drama.

Honorable Mention – Ayana!  I think she did a great job with incorporating her modest aesthetic with her client’s wish list and came up with a great look this week.

E8 Ayana

The Bottom 3

Batani.  This is a challenge that should have really shown her personality and her ability to integrate color and prints!  That is Batani, if no one else!!  I think she might have overthought her client and didn’t trust herself this time.

E8 Batani

E8 Batani

Margarita.  Poor thing!  She couldn’t get passed the idea of Claire making a replica of her winning look from last week…  This consumed her the whole time and I completely understand. 

E8 Margarita

E8 MargaritaI wonder if Claire had made something similar to their looks, if they would have been so understanding… I doubt it.

I hate to see these 2 on the bottom this week, after such a triumphant win last week!  It just goes to show how quickly things can turn in fashion.

Michael.  I really liked Michael’s client inspired print, but I do agree with the judges that his pants had fit issues and the entire look was over designed a bit… but at least he was ambitious and designed something different…

E8 Michael

E8 Michael

Michael was so upset after Claire was announced as this week’s winner that he immediately walks off stage!  Everyone is appalled and looking around the room like – “Whodunit!”

We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see which of these 3 gets sent home and what comes of the Claire debacle after her workroom actions are exposed.

What did you think of this week episode?

Who should get sent home?

Do you think Claire is cheating?

Leave me your thoughts below!  I’d love to hear from you.


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