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Project Runway S16 E7 Recap

Project Runway S16 E7 Recap

Viewers are still reeling after lost week’s elimination…. that was a tough pill to swallow with Samantha’s exit.  Project Runway is spicing things up in this week’s episode!

Episode 7 – The Ultimate Faceoff

 This episode is all about Menswear inspired looks for JC Penney. It’s a team challenge where 2 designers on different teams are picked to work with the same fabric and Tim Gunn uses his ever so trusted (and feared) velvet bag to choose the teams of 2.

Since Kentaro was last week’s winner, he gets to choose his partner, without being subjected to Tim Gunn’s bag selection. He chooses his “brother” Brandon.  Their bond is just too cute!  Tim Gunn proceeds to pick the remaining teams by pulling names and those chosen get to pick their own partner.  A nice twist on the velvet bag!

The rest of the partnerships are formed into the following:  Kenya/Amy, Batani/Margarita, Ayana/Michael and naturally Shawn/ Claire.  

I really like the way that Brandon and Kentaro communicate. I think they work really well together.

brandon kentaro

Although Amy and Kenya have a mutual admiration for each other’s work, I think Amy held Kenya back.  She wanted to use Kenya’s prior success to help them in this challenge but didn’t trust her vision to add in pieces that would have elevated their looks.  

Project Runway S16 E7 Kenya Amy

Shawn & Claire need to learn to take constructive criticism.  Tim Gunn gave them specific steps to turn their ideas around and they didn’t take his advice.  That was mistake #1. Mistake #2 was putting their full figured model in a knit dress……… their looks weren’t fashion forward, even for the JC Penney shopper.  

Twins with tim

Sidenote:  these 2 really have lot to say about the other designers’ looks from week to week and continue to find themselves (at least 1 of them) on the bottom each challenge.  They really need to spend more time developing and executing their own work than criticizing those that are actually doing their own designs…. #IJS 

Ayana & Michael …. I wasn’t a fan of either of their looks and I could have put then on the bottom instead of Amy & Kenya this week (keep reading!). These 2 were safe this week and I suppose I can justify it because their clothes can be mass produced for JC Penney but I wouldn’t give them points for originality… 

ayana michael

Batani & Margarita.  So, I thought there would have been more compatibility with these 2 but I think Margarita was determined to come back from her disappointing week last week.  It looked like Margarita had more technical experience than Batani because she was having to spend a lot of time helping Batani execute her look but it paid off in the end.

batani marg

The Top 2 Teams

Kentaro/Brandon.  Deemed “The Dream Team” these 2 came up with athleisure wear looks that were pretty trendy and kinda funky.  In a good way. 

week 7 top 3

Batani/Margarita.  The hard work and extra time spent on executing these 2 looks really paid off in the end.  I’m so happy to see Batani in the top.  She’s had other looks that were overlooked in the past, but this week she and Margarita really brought it to the Dream Team!

week 7 top 2

Batani/Margarita won the team challenge!  

week 7 winners

Margarita won the overall challenge and her look is now sold at JC Penney!! 

The Bottom 2 Teams

Let me start off by saying the tension was so uncomfortably thick during the critiques this week… Not only did the team members have to name the person they felt should go home, there was a time that I thought the sisters may have a serious sister-moment too!  Simply put, it was just awkward.

Amy/Kenya… I hate to say it but these 2 were a duo that just didn’t get it done!  I can at least give Ayana and Michael credit for being cohesive.  These 2 looks were flat, well executed… but flat in the design area!  The judges were disappointed in Kenya and Amy felt responsible.  She should… “too many chiefs and not enough Indians”.  I also think that Kenya should have stood up for the pleated look she was working on that Amy was upset with her for wasting time on.  

week 7 bottom 3.2

Kenya felt that she deserved to stay in the competition – without saying that she felt Amy should go home, even though that what she meant and the judges tried to pull it out of her.  Amy owned her role and picked herself to go.

Shawn/Claire.  This came as no surprise.  In my opinion, one of these ladies should have been eliminated already and the judges are just dragging this out for a storyline.  Their looks were terrible.  The knit dress for the full figured model was a bad idea.  The other look was so bad… I mean, there are no words.

week 7 bottom 2

The judges scolded Amy and Kenya for their looks but ultimately their looks weren’t the worst and didn’t deserve to send either of them home.

week 7 losers

During the judge’s critiques, Shawn admitted that Claire has the better technical skills and should be the one to stay.  Claire is used to letting Shawn make it and instead of being honest about how helping Shawn in the past had left her garments in the bottom, she opted to choose herself to go… why?  Because she had been in the bottom twice.  You get the sense that this is how their relationship is in real life.  Shawn gets all the perks of having Claire at her side and Claire just “takes it on the chin” so-to-speak, letting Shawn take all of the credit.  Now, in Shawn’s defense, aside from last week’s copycat outfit that landed her in the Top 3, she does have some pretty creative looks that have hit the runway…

Because the judges can’t tell who of the twins did what, they didn’t know who to eliminate.

On the next episode, the twins will be doing a 1 hour challenge to redesign something new from scratch, without any help from the other sister…. from there, the judges will know which twin deserves to be there for the rest of the competition. 

I think this is a great idea!!  Finally, the twins will be forced to design and complete their own looks and we’ll be able to see if Claire really is the better designer or if Shawn’s designs are enough to keep her in the game.

It should be interesting…

Who should be eliminated?  Feel free to comment below with your thoughts!


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