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Project Runway S16 E6 Recap

Project Runway S16 E6 Recap

After the last competition, I just knew that this week would be good so let’s just jump right in.  Let me say – immediately before this episode is a clip of previous cast member’s flipping out moments, so I was convinced that someone was going to lose it this week and/or quit!  Luckily, I was wrong.

Episode 6 – Models Off Duty

To start off this episode, the designers meet with the models who are dressed in their own clothes.  Tim Gunn walks them through the expectations for this week’s challenge and the designers are chosen by their clients, the models!  The challenge is to make a look for the models that they would wear while off duty and for them to be photographed in for their personal social media outlets to showcase their personal style.  The looks will be a collaboration of what each model wants, paired with the chosen designer’s personal touch.  For anyone who enjoys designing clothes with and for a particular client – this is the dream challenge!

Project Runway Week 6

It seems like everyone is someone’s favorite designer – except for the twins… is anyone surprised?  Each designer is picked and each twin is chosen last.  Maybe it was just a coincidence, but with each week’s depiction of how the twins’ union is getting on everyone’s nerves, I guess it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the models are connecting with the other designers. 

We’ve reached the point in the competition where each designer has their personal strengths and each designer is strong, whether they have a prominent perspective as a designer or they can mold to each challenge and have very good execution skills to match. 

The Designer / Model Match Ups

Jazzmine & Samantha – Jazzmine loves Samantha’s punk rock edge and thinks she can really blend her glam with punk rock to come up with something she’ll love.

Week 6 samantha

Samantha week 6

Meisha & Kentaro – Meisha speaks Kentaro’s native tongue of Japanese and it’s like a match made in Japanese-American heaven!

kentaro week 6

Sanita & Kenya – Sanita likes emerald green and wants something effortless & classy. 

kenya week 6

Christina & Margarita – this model is sporty and girlie, with a love of prints.  The 2 really hit it off and they’re really excited to work together.

Week 6 margarita

Margarita week 6

Colleen & Brandon – Colleen is typically very comfortable in her down time, but she loves 70’s styles.  Tim Gunn thinks that Brandon’s aesthetic can take her personal look to the next level.

Week 6 brandon

brandon week 6

Liris & Michael – these 2 have good chemistry.  They’ve worked together before and Michael has created some pretty dope pieces for her.  This model is pretty opinionated.  She knows what looks good on her and she’s particular about what she wears.  Michael always does a good job of tying in his design elements and I think he killed it this week!

Michael week 6

Marsha & Amy – Marsha likes to be practical yet girlie or feminine.  I think Amy likes outerwear because she tends to incorporate that in her looks. 

Week 6 amy

Amy did a reversible coat with a  staple LBD (little black dress).

Amy week 6

Monique & Batani – flowy looks with African (Ankara) prints.  This is right up Batani’s alley and she should do well.

Week 6 batani

batani week 6No tea, no shade, but can we say… Chaquita banana?!

The outfit looks great on her model but I’m not a huge fan of too many mixed prints.

Janine & Shawn – sporty with feminine flair is what the model wants.  Shawn sees similarities in her own personal style and wants to blend the 2 styles together.

Shawn week 6

Lena & Ayana – elegant and sexy!  This should be interesting since Ayana is a modest designer…  she does a good job of including her aesthetic into something more sexy.

Week 6 ayana

ayana week 6This is one of my favorite looks this week.  Ayana really took me by surprise with this one!

Sian is left and has to choose Claire.  I know Claire was hating her position as dead last this week.  It had to already play into her insecurities of being at the bottom last week, but she was pretty determined to do better this week…  This is redemption day for Claire and creating something sporty chic is perfect for her.

Week 6 claire

claire week 6

The Top 3

Kenya – her bold colors and print have gotten a lot of other designers’ attention this week, but not in the good way.  If Kenya could comment on this challenge, I believe she would think she struggled this week.  She seemed to second guess herself a little but I think Kenya took her time with Tim this week and even enlisted a 2nd eye in Amy but in the end she made it work and came up with something very chic and figure flattering for her model.  The judges loved her look and she earned her spot at the top this week.

kenya week 6 top 3

Kentaro – he really trusted himself this week and went for it.  His look was street style and a perfect blend of Japanese and American fashion for his model.  It was runway ready but also looked great for a street style look.  He did his thing this week!

kentaro week 6 top 3

Shawn – I have mixed feelings about this look.  Her pants are perfectly executed and what the model wanted, but her top, even though it was cute – it didn’t make me think anything great!  I think she did what she set out to do – she combined her model’s style with her own and created something she knew would be safe.  It worked.

Shawn week 6 top 3

Kentaro came home with the win this week! 

week 6 winner.

The Bottom 3

Samantha – Samantha has impeccable execution each week.  There is nothing wrong with her garments but as I always say… Project Runway is a design challenge first, execution comes next.  I think the judges just couldn’t see her potential to design outside of her comfort zone.  This is the 2nd week in a row where Nina Garcia mentions that her personal look is better than what she made for the runway, but the irony is that both looks are the same.  Zac Posen basically says she’s a one trick pony and for Project Runway, you’ve got to change it up…

Samantha week 6 bottom 3

Margarita – let’s start off by saying that she threw her model under the model/client bus today!  She pulled the whole – “I gave my client what she wanted & this isn’t what I would have chosen for her” speech, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth!  She should have owned it.

Margarita week 6 bottom 3

More about the look… she revived JLo’s 90’s style from the dead and put it on her model.  This is the B-Girl look & the judges ate this for lunch!  The important thing is that her model really loved her look.  It just wasn’t fashion forward enough for the judges.

Claire – Right before the runway show, Claire decides to cut the shorts shorter and shorter…  With each cut, it made my skin crawl!  A sweater & booty short combo is never a good idea for anyone, especially not a Project Runway competition.  Claire chose a black fabric for this super pale model and it did nothing for her (in her photograph or on the runway).  This is week 2 for Claire on the bottom.  Something BIG needs to happen quick or she’s gone for sure.

claire week 6 bottom 3

Each week, I mention that something continues to brew in the workroom with Claire & Shawn.  Yes, they work together on each challenge and yes, Shawn tends to lean on Claire’s “expertise” very frequently from week to week and it was more than evident in this episode that this is starting to become a problem for Claire, since she’s essentially having to commit to 2 different looks each week and her own fate is on the line, while Shawn continues to thrive.

Tim Gunn felt compelled to tell the judges that Claire was more interested in helping out Shawn complete her look this week vs making sure that her own look was up to par.  The judges weren’t impressed with her efforts but ultimately decided to give her another shot.  We’ll see if anything changes in next week’s episode.

Samantha was chosen to leave this week & I was sad about it, even though I saw it coming.  The only thing keeping Margarita here this week is her ability to design different looks compared to Samantha’s very strong designer’s perspective that kept coming through each week…  I think if Samantha was able to create things that were outside of the box a little but still include her base of the Lolita style, then she would have gone further. 

Week 6 finale

I hate to see good people go…

This episode let me see that the judges aren’t just picking people based on what they’re doing in each challenge.  They’re looking at overall versatility and creativity.  This is a good indication that the decisions will get harder because we’ve gotten to the point where each designer is really good!

What did you think of this week’s episode? 

Did you agree with the judges decisions?


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