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Project Runway S16 E5 Recap

Project Runway S16 E5 Recap

It’s that time again!  If you’ve noticed a trend by now, I’ve been posting my weekly recaps of this season’s episodes a few days after the show airs.  This gives me a few days to re-watch the episode and catch all of the tid bits about it.  I’m hoping that this also allows you to see the episodes too, so we have some time to have thoughts to share! 

Episode 5 – Descending into Good and Evil

This week’s challenge was a little different.  It’s not a team challenge but there is a divide in what the designers are working on.  It’s good vs evil this week and since Michael won last week, he gets to choose who does what – good or evil – inspired looks based on the film Descendants 2.

Samantha week 5 design

twinning wk 5

I’m sorry if this week is shorter than previous recaps.  I’m under the weather and just trying to make it through so I can take a nap!  xoxo

Have you seen the latest episode of Real Time with Bill Maher?  Tim Gunn made an appearance and talked about this season of Project Runway and discussed in detail the use of plus size models!  Check out the full episode HERE! 

Tim Gunn quote

Who’s Got Good?

Amy – I honestly had to watch this episode several times and after a few watches, I started to not mind her look… The cocoon jacket starts to grow on you.  I would have done this in a different color, but it’s cute.

Amy week 5Aaron – hmmm…… where to begin?  Aaron makes a muslin copy of each garment before cutting into his fashion fabric.  Makes sense right?  Not for Project Runway!  Typically, the designers only have a day to make each look and there’s just not enough time for all of that sewing!  At any rate, Aaron’s design aesthetic is definitely out there, but I’m sure someone likes his work.  He decided on a pink jumper with different pink tones flowing off the front of the body.  I think in his mind, this was probably a really neat idea, but because he was short on time and changed his outfit from his original look after Tim Gunn’s review… he wasn’t able to put something together and really execute it.

Aaron bottom 3

Brandon – his designs wow the judges each week because they’re innovative, but they’ve asked to see something more from him.  I wonder what else he’s got up his sleeve.  This week’s look was another rendition of his previous looks – a modified shirt dress.

brandon week 5

Kentaro – I think Kentaro really takes heed to the advise he’s given week to week and I think he’ll be competing in the end.  I really like his work… 

kentaro week 5

Ayana – I think Ayana had a good idea but I think (and I think she would agree) that her transition from bodice to skirt bottom could have been better.

ayana week 5

Claire – surprise, surprise!  Claire is the twin that struggled this week… (it was Michael’s idea to separate the twins and put them with opposite styles).  Claire’s look was very… elementary in design, in my opinion.  She took something really simple and kept it… simple.  I think her look was just very cliche.  She didn’t stretch herself at all. 

claire week 5

Who’s Got Evil?

Michael – found an amazing black and gold lace fabric and made it into an evil masterpiece!  His model rocked his look and it fit her like a glove.

Michael week 5

Kenya – coming off of the bottom 3 from last week, Kenya’s confidence was back to normal and she came ready to rock this week.  She chose a tuxedo inspired look with embellished sleeves, an open back, thick stripe down the side of the pants and topped it off with the embellishment on the bodice.  It was very artist-formerly-known-as-Prince – like.  The judges were wow’ed!!

kenya week 5

Samantha – This week’s challenge became really personal for her.  She put a lot of herself and her personal experiences into this look this week.  Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out for her in the end…

Samantha week 5

Shawn – This is her best work thus far.  It doesn’t look like she got too much help this week from Claire but with what’s coming next week, I wouldn’t be surprised…  Like I said last week, something’s brewing in the workroom with these twins…  Good job this week, nonetheless! 

Shawn week 5

Batani – my favorite look this week!  This is yet another time where the producer’s aren’t highlighting her work during the show, but she COMES THRU each week!!  She took Tim Gunn’s advice and she killed it.  

batani week 5

Margarita – she struggled in the beginning of the challenge, questioning herself and her designs.  She’s a great designer and likes to design for the regular woman.  She was slightly intimidated by having to design for her plus size model this week, but came through with something that was very flattering and looked great!  To make matters BETTER, her model loved her look!  She’s a good example of a good designer that’s not over the top but can be successful from week to week on Project Runway!

Margarita week 5

The Top 3

Kenya knocked the judges off of their feet and rightfully so!  Her look was innovative and fit for the runway!

kenya top 3

Michael‘s glammed up, evil queen also made the top of the list this week.  His look was well thought out and a perfect fit.

michael top 3

Brandon‘s unique vision to send a shirt dress (with a modern twist) down the runway really won the judges over!

week 5 winner

Brandon took home his 2nd win this week!  Let’s see if he can design outside of his comfort zone next week…

week 5 winner – brandon

The Bottom 3

wk 5 bottom 3

Samantha‘s fabrication, fit issues and lack of design in the skirt bottom ultimately landed her in the bottom this week.

sam bottom 3

Aaron… poor thing.  I know he’s got some really crazy ideas but this week time and design worked against him and he ended up on the bottom again.

aaron bottom 3.5

Claire‘s lack of imagination landed her in the bottom 3 this week.  The judges nearly ate her look alive.  Can you believe she had the nerve to say she didn’t have any thoughts for the judges comments because she didn’t think she deserved to be on the bottom!  SMH

claire bottom 3

Aaron was the designer that was sent home this week…  I really wish the judges could see the behind the scenes confessionals and what goes down in the workroom and factor that into their decisions…  (these twins need to go home………)

What about you? 

Do you agree that Brandon’s look should have won this week?  Should Aaron have been sent home? 

Until next time!




  1. Yuck
    October 18, 2017 / 11:52 AM

    I can’t believe Brandon won. That look was terrible. It look unfinished. Unflattering. The stripesjust didn’t go with the theme. The sleeves were the worst part.

    • afashionaddict
      October 18, 2017 / 1:32 PM

      I don’t think his look went with the theme for the challenge at all! There were definitely other looks – like Kenya’s – that were better suited for the challenge…

      • Yuck
        October 18, 2017 / 1:37 PM

        I was staring at the tv in disbelief like “are all the judges high or something?!”

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