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Project Runway S16 E4 Recap

Project Runway S16 E4 Recap

This season of Project Runway is off and moving full steam ahead.  The competitions are getting more intense and the heat is really starting to rise.  Some key competitors are starting to show their weaknesses while others are thriving with each challenge. 

This week’s episode really stretches the competition and you start to separate the good from the great.

Episode 4 – We’re Sleeping Wear?

To start off, the cast is told that they’re going to the Empire State Building and will be sleeping there overnight, to gain inspiration. 


batani week 4

ayana batani

Wouldn’t it be nice to have breakfast served by the one and only, Tim Gunn, on top of the Empire State Building?!

Tim Gunn Breakfast

The challenge is to make a sleepwear garment that will ultimately be selected for mass production into Heidi Klum’s sleepwear line… No pressure, right?  Riiiiighhttt….

To up the ante, the designers are asked to make their own textile using silk fabrics along with paints, stencils and pretty much anything you can think of.  Sleepwear can’t be too crazy to tackle, unless you’ve got issues with the textile itself… which silks can be somewhat of a challenge if you’re not used to working with it.

Twins designing

Not that Project Runway isn’t stressful enough but added distractions can only mean one thing for creative minds in a small working environment… drama.  I can already see issues coming from the twins’ relationship with the other designers.  It’s one thing to have an innate bond with someone that you’re supposed to be in competition with, but when you’re also helping that person with their designs and execution…  The other designers have taken notice and are starting to make comments in their confessionals.  It’s only a matter of time before this comes to a head, so stay tuned for that!

Those Who Thrived

Shawn – dare I say it – but she killed it.  She had a vision from the start to do a jumpsuit and she executed it well!  Heidi gave her feedback to make it realistic for women to wake up in the middle of the night and tinkle with ease.  I loved her look – she created her own stenciled print on a light grey charmeuse blouse with a matching (solid) pant and belt.  It was very well put together (she should thank Claire for her help!).

Shawn week 4

Samantha made 3 separate pieces – a pant, blouse and jacket.  She created wide stripes with her fabric on the pants and a nice design from the same fabrics on the jacket.  It flowed and looked very luxurious.  She made working with silks look very easy.  This is something I think could appeal to many women. 

Samantha week 4

I really think she’s the underdog on this show!  She has yet to make the Top 3, but each week her work is one of the best constructed and well designed.  I hope the judges wake up to this!!

Kentaro was given the plus-size model this week and like the others before him, he felt challenged with making something work for her… He asked Kenya and Samantha for help and they came through!  He came up with the best look – in my opinion – this week.  It was definitely the most figure flattering and the way he painted his fabric… it came out just gorgeous!  He really listened to the advice he was given and along with his own designs came up with something that would appeal to the masses.  (He should have won this week).

Kentaro week 4

Ayana explained that even the most modest women turn up the sex appeal in doors and shed the layers in a classy way.  She also created 3 separate looks and although I wasn’t a fan of her color combination, the top she made was absolutely beautiful and I think her overall look would be well received in any sleepwear line! 

Ayana final look

Honorable Mention: Batani!  She wasn’t highlighted much in this week’s episode but her look was amazing and should have earned her a seat at the top!  It was fashion forward and would make any woman feel sexy.  I think that for Heidi Klum’s sleepwear line, this may have some  issues marketing to the mainstream but this look is FIRE!

batani final look

Those Who Struggled

Kenya admittedly from the start of this challenge struggled with the fabric.  She second guessed her initial design and after her consultation with Heidi and Tim, she started all over.  I think this is what peaked her insecurity and she ended up sending something that looked unfinished down the runway.  I think I can even see a glimpse of the model’s undergarments….  (that makes me sad).  I think she had a great initial idea of what she wanted to do and if she stuck with that, she would have at least been safe…

kenya week 4

Deyonte also struggled with impressing Heidi and after his consultation basically started over from scratch.  His overall execution was also quite amateur but what made this look even worse was (I have to totally agree with the judges’ feedback) there was no design in his look.  The look was not flattering at all to his model’s figure.  He’s done better work and I was pretty surprised that he let this go down the runway… 

Project Runway is a design competition.  Judges will almost always see passed construction issues if they see that you have a designer’s eye.  I think Deyonte put more effort into his color palette for the fabric (which wasn’t impressive either…) than  designing the actual look itself.  There were construction issues and the design was completely lackluster.

Deyonte week 4

Sidenote:  I see a reoccurring theme now… Once a designer has been put into the Bottom 3, they lose confidence the next challenge, which is completely understandable.  But it’s those that can rebound from the defeat that will eventually come back and live to see another day.

Aaron had a different issue than the others that struggled this week.  He had a clear vision of what he wanted to do with his fabric.  He saw a statement wall in the Empire State Building and wanted to re-create that in his design. 

Aaron textile

He did and Heidi loved his idea – even told him to “be ambitious” with his design, not to hold back! 

Aaron & Heidi

He went for it and then realized that manipulating the fabric the way he did had an impact on how his garment moved.  His design ultimately suffered.  I actually feel like his idea needed another day possibly to fine-tune.  I didn’t like the idea to make his look into separate pieces.  I think it would have been more successful as a single slip on dress, with less of his painted design to feature more of his actual design (if that makes sense).  Less is best when you’re working with something so busy.  A theory of mine that got Kudzanai eliminated last week.

Aaron week 4

Claire typically does really good work that I think gets somewhat overlooked in week’s past, but this week’s look was not flattering at all.  She can’t use the now popular excuse of having a “plus-size model”.  This was probably a cute idea, but it wasn’t well done.

Claire week 4

The Top 3

Shawn‘s belted jumper won her a spot at the top this week.  I’m happy to see her confidence rise but hope that she’ll be able to succeed without Claire’s help in the challenges to come… we shall see.

Kentaro‘s belted slip on dress was perfectly executed with very nice neckline details.  He took Heidi’s feedback and loosened up a bit when it came to his painted design on the fabric.  You have to love Kentaro’s personality!  He’s just adorable.  He and #DesignerBrandon have forged a brotherhood and he’s generating “good vibes” all across the workroom.  He did a great job this week!

Michael‘s slip on dress was elegant and had very delicate straps placed on the bodice that created a very pretty design on the back, but it also complimented the front very well.  The silhouette of his design was inspired by the Harlem renaissance, which was brilliantly executed.  Overall his look was feminine and versatile – a great combination for a sleepwear line.

Michael week 4

Michael winner week 4Michael was the winner this week.

The Bottom 3

It came as no surprise who made up the bottom 3 this week.

Kenya‘s confidence and execution landed her on the bottom this week.   I really hope she’s able to turn this around for the next challenge!

Deyonte‘s look… yep you guessed it.  Need I say more?

Aaron was also on the bottom this week.  If he doesn’t turn things around soon, I can see him getting that one way ticket home…

Deyonte - loser week 4Deyonte was the loser this week…

What were your thoughts of this week’s episode?  Would you have chosen the same winner?

Until next time…




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