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Project Runway S16 E3 Recap

Project Runway S16 E3 Recap

This week’s episode of Project Runway was a fun and refreshing challenge based on the new movie, Leap!  The designers are told to use the movie as inspiration and invent something that’s inspired by “dance, movement and innovation”.

Episode 3 – A Leap of Innovation

This week, the cast gets to head over to Mood Fabrics to get their supplies, a welcomed advantage from last week!  I think everyone started the competition pretty confident with a clear vision of what the direction they wanted to take.  Naturally, the twins are shown running frantically around the workroom again.  They’re starting to get a reputation among the other designers.  They definitely get in their own zone! 

Speaking of getting into a zone, #DesignerBrandon has something he calls a “zen-zone” where he’s able to completely tune everything out in hectic situations and have an inner peace.  I’m a fan!  Especially when it comes to sewing and being creative – you have to be able to disconnect with outer influences and just make stuff happen!

We’re only a few episodes in and you can start to see some alliances starting to form.  Margarita and Michael have started to form a bond… Kenya and Deyonte seem to also clique as well.  And of course… there’s the twins!


Looks I Loved

Kentaro‘s inspiration came from his roots in classical music, so his play on the minimal black tulle skirt with with leg warmers and funky bodice was absolutely gorgeous!  Something that I can appreciate is it’s simplicity.  I don’t think that you need to go crazy with design to make it work.

Kenya‘s client is going to the hip hop ballet.  She found this killer fabric that looked like a coating fabric and something that I may have completely passed up on but she ROCKED this fabric!  The exaggerated collar with the peplum jacket AND matching pant!!!  I loved it. 


Brandon is another minimalist designer and his look this week has definitely evolved from the prior weeks.  I think this is his best work thus far and you can tell he’s getting comfortable in this competition.  In a good way.  His design was genius and this is something I would wear.  In Tim Gunn’s review he mentions that Brandon’s look would be relevant in decades past and in the future.  I totally agree!

Amy‘s look of a jumpsuit with a matching sweater that converts into another jumpsuit was creative and something that I think would make it in the RTW world.  It looks extremely comfortable and something I would love to wear.  I think she knew the challenge called for innovation and she made it happen.


Samantha likes rock operas and was inspired by a metal ballet.  Her look is not something that I would personally wear but she designed the mess out of this dress!  There was so much thought in this look and I can appreciate her work!  Her aesthetic is different but I think she can be a threat because she’s so artistic and her execution is good.


Margarita started out with a really good idea that caused Tim Gunn to ask her to tone it down a bit… She took his advice and I think the end result was fabulous!  Tim Gunn always comes through!  I liked the embellished sleeves and the cute circle skirt.  I loved how she flipped the bodice from the back to the front – it made her look.  She also styled her look very well with the fidora.  It completed her Latin-inspired look.


Looks That Struggled

Kudzanai was inspired by his family – his grandmother & his African heritage and he wanted to express this in color.  Something that I’ve learned in watching Project Runway is that if you choose a bold color, you have to be simple in your design.  If your going with a toned down color then you have to go with an elaborate design.  Kudzanai missed this message.  He made the classic mistake of over-designing, but what’s worse, he did this with an array of bold colors.  #TeamTooMuch

Aaron was a bit ambitious this week.  I think he had a really good idea and his look has good design elements, but I think he over-designed his look.  In my personal opinion, it’s OK to have a single piece that is your accent/highlight piece that you want to shine through on the runway, but when you have that same piece in multiple places in the garment it becomes… over saturated.  Tim Gunn used the word “gimmicky”!


Aaron ended up “safe” this week…

The Top 3 Looks

Magarita’s Latin dance inspired dress…

Margarita top 3

Batani’s colorful bat-winged cropped top/pant combo…


And Brandon’s minimal jacket/dress.


Brandon won this week’s challenge!

week 3 winner

The Bottom 3 Looks

Deyonte started off pretty confident in the workroom, but had an unfortunate issue in the sewing room and ended up with a needle in his finger!  After he got patched up, I think he lost his mojo a bit… In the end, the judges were quite disappointed with his final look and execution. 

You can tell from his original sketch that his end look wasn’t executed the way he intended… which shows me that his injury sidetracked him.

Deyonte bottom 3

I think the fabrication was off with this look.  The bodice was not a good fit and I didn’t like exaggerated high-low hemlines.  I hope he turns it around next week.

Deyonte- bottom 3

Kentaro‘s ballerina was too literal for the judges, even though they agreed that it was well constructed.  Heidi wanted him to take this look to the next level.  I hope the judges can appreciate his minimalist position…


Kudzanai‘s African inspired look, in my opinion, was led astray by Tim Gunn’s review… Tim told him to just go for it and that this will “wake the judges up” on the runway…..  It landed him on the chopping block this week and ultimately on a one-way flight home.  

Kudzani - bottom 3

Kudzanai was the loser this week. 

week 3 loser

This is likely the only time I recall seeing Tim Gunn give a designer encouragement to go for it and they were sent home because of it.

Until next week!



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