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Project Runway S16 E12 Recap

Project Runway S16 E12 Recap

If you didn’t catch the episode, then I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the elimination episode of Project Runway left a lot of viewers happy with the outcome and pining for more. No one was eliminated this week and here’s why!

Episode 12 – There’s Snow Business like Sew Business

The designers were told to design winter-themed styles this week and the judges were tasked with selecting the top 3 designers to move on to Fashion Week.

S16 E12 Cold Room

From the beginning of the episode, I got the feeling that Margarita was going to be in for it. She wasn’t aware of Project Runway’s “no fur” policy when choosing her super lux fur fabric. It wasn’t until she was at the checkout counter in Mood that Tim Gunn had to shut it down and tell her to remove the fur from her fabrics. Luckily, Tim Gunn felt bad for her [again] and decided to give her a few more minutes to find some replacement fabric. The replacement faux fur turned out to be a mere fractional of the original piece of hide but she had to do what she had to do…

E12 Margarita

After critiques with Tim, she chose to completely scrap her initial dress and made a shapeless dress in the faux fur instead.

E12 Margarita Final LookThe real winner in Margarita’s look this week was the winter coat she created.  It turned out to be another emotional roller coaster for Margarita, up until the very end of this week’s episode.

Do you ever get the feeling that the ones who need the most help aren’t ready for this stage of the competition?

Brandon did exactly what I thought he’d do. He stuck to his aesthetic. I think winter wear is a good look for Brandon and what he can do.

E12 BrandonI think his fabric choice was on point and you already know once you go into a look with confidence, 9 times out of 10 you’ll end up with a great look.

E12 Brandon Final LookI love layers, but I think he should have edited this look down a bit…  There is such a thing as too many layers.

Kentaro surprised me this week! After last week, I think anything good from him would’ve surprised me.  Even though Kentaro and Brandon’s look are seemingly very similar, I still liked what he created. I can see the Japanese inspiration on street wear for Winter. 

E12 Kentaro Final LookIt was pretty dope & the judges agreed.  Color has always been a major critique from the judges (or lack thereof), but they really liked how chic this look was this week.

Kenya went into this challenge with more confidence than she had in previous weeks.  She found this dominant fabric for her coat design and decided to mix it up with a funky printed blouse and well structured pants.  3 separates, all tailored with a distinct look.

E12 Kenya Final Look The judges felt like the blouse was not flattering with the pants (although they loved the details and fit in the pants). 

Ayana‘s look this week was very different.  She made a very chic coat that she opted to splash black paint on it to make it more modern.  Because of the jumper she made, I agree with the graffiti top to her coat.  I think the jumper dressed what would have been a very classic coat, down and made this look something for the street wear dept!  It was funky!  Not for me, but funky! 

E12 Ayana Final LookI feel like the butt looks like a diaper booty and I know the judges saw it too!!!  At any rate… it was something different, nonetheless.

The Top 3

You guessed it – Brandon!

E12 Brandon Top

His brother, Kentaro…

E12 Kentaro Top

and the ever-so-competitive, Ayana!

E12 Ayana Top

These 3 got a spot for Fashion Week!

The Bottom 2

E12 Kenya Bottom

E12 Margarita Bottom

The judges always like to throw you from week to week and E12 was just another example of “expect the unexpected”!

Instead of sending the bottom 2 ladies home, the judges chose to allow them to also make looks for Fashion Week.  The catch, because there’s always a catch to these things – is that  ALL (not just the bottom 2) designers will need to create looks for Fashion Week and show the judges their Top 2 Looks in order to be chosen to show a full collection at Fashion Week.  Whew!  What does that mean exactly??  No one is safe.  Not even Brandon!  The designers got to go home and jump start their looks for the final competition leading into Fashion Week.

Only 3 designers will be chosen to move on to show their 10 piece collections at Fashion Week.

Share your thoughts on this week’s episode below!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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