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Project Runway S16 E11 Recap

Project Runway S16 E11 Recap

E11 jumps right into it, so I won’t waste your time with the fluff!  But I have to give you a little #SpoilerAlert to make you read more!! LOL!

The brotherhood between Kentaro and Brandon gets a spotlight and I think Ayana continue to stretch herself and Tim Gunn saves the day with his Tim Gunn Save – all in this week’s episode of Project Runway.

E11 Brothers

Episode 11 – Warrior Fashion

This week’s episode uses Breast Cancer survivors to inspire a ball gown, editorial look for the runway, aka The Warrior Woman.  There are only 5  designers left and the competition is really starting to bring out the best of each designer. 

E11 Challenge Announement

Kentaro is just adorable!  He  doesn’t like the thought of punching people and you can see that captured here as he laughs his way though their challenge warm ups.

E11 Kentaro BoxingAre you catching Ayana in the background – waiting for her turn to tear things up?!?  This girl’s got a lot of passion and I don’t think she’s willing to settle for a Project Runway runner up for anything at this point!  Look at that focus in her eyes!

Everything is on the line now, as the designers compete for who will show in Fashion Week. 

Let’s jump right in to this week’s looks!

E11 Final LooksNot that this is necessarily a bad thing, but Brandon naturally chooses to stick to his male-inspired aesthetic, using box shapes, buckles and belts to complete his warrior woman look.  Tim Gunn gave him a bit of advice to elevate his look by taking things up a notch to show the judges that he can keep pushing himself.  In their session, it looked like Brandon understood what Tim was hinting at and would take his advice…

E11 BrandonIn my opinion, Brandon stayed true to his original design without and signs of elevation.  I honestly think this look is very literal to the challenge and even resembles a female warrior from a Chinese video game… I wasn’t impressed.

Although Kenya had the inspiration this week, she struggled finding direction.  She came up with 3 different looks during their drafting time and after some deep soul searching, she decided to hone in on a very feminine, form fitting powerful look for her model, Liris.  She understood the challenge and her model and wanted to marry the 2 looks by creating an embellished shoulder piece, full of pedals – indicating some armor! 

E11 KenyaI think she killed this look!  She manipulated her fabric into a suit of pleats and came up with something really beautiful.  Kenya is the only designer at this stage in the game who hasn’t won a challenge yet.  I hope that she can gain confidence enough to really elevate her design aesthetic into a full line for Fashion Week!!

Ayana has definitely found her stride and she continues to take it to the next level from week to week.  She took a play on a woman’s pin striped power suit and executed it to perfection.  She had enough embellishments to the top to create it’s own statement piece, but then came through with a pair of pencil pants AND matching skirt.  She tends to know which direction she wants to take and sticks with it.  Confidence is key!  She did that…

E11 Ayana

With Ayana and Brandon both having 2 wins under their belts…

Brandon better watch out.

Ayana is coming for you!

Margarita was really emotional after learning of this week’s challenge and inspiration given by survivors of Breast Cancer.  I hate cancer.  I think we’ve all been impacted by this hateful disease and Margarita is no stranger to this either.  Her grandmother was stricken with this awful disease, so this challenge was really personal for her.

Not to mention, she was also challenged by Zac Posen to really show the judges her true design aesthetic – Margarita felt the pressure to bring it this week. 

With the chaos that women experience when diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she wanted to show how these Women Warriors are faced with the chaos and try to hold it all together with their suits of armor.  To do this, she draped the hell out of some organza over a beautiful matching fire red neoprene fabric.  I love how she draped the bodice too – it really painted the picture of something beautiful happening… She captured the armor with a gold, leather corset to tie it all together.

E11 MargaritaI understood her vision with this look and I think she did a good job with executing her look.

Kentaro struggled a bit with a few things – model fittings, designing for himself vs designing for his model and overall direction.  I think Kentaro doesn’t always start out with a finished garment in mind.  He can start off one way and “audible” as needed. 

He started off with a grey cropped top hoodie, over a really funky white turtleneck.  Tim Gunn really liked it, but… the hoodie was made to fit Kentaro and when he went to fit his model – it was like squeezing a square peg in a very little round whole.  It just didn’t work! 

In the end, Kentaro had to scrap his top(s) entirely and came up with a boxy black top to go over his boxy, pleated pants, accented with white tights.  You know how thrilled the judges are to see black on the runway………..

E11 Kentaro

The Top 3 Looks

Kenya’s tailored, yet feminine pedal embellished look was a judges favorite this week.  They really liked how she manipulated the fabric to come up with her very nice skirt suit.  Her model felt great in this look and the judges were wow’d!

E11 Kenya Top 3

Brandon can do no wrong with these judges!  I guess they haven’t picked up on the fact that he will give you different variations of the same look from week to week yet.  Although there were mixed feeling with the bonnet / female helmet this week – the judges were impressed with his fresh perspective.

E11 Brandon Top 3See similar looks HERE from E3, HERE from E5, & HERE from E7

Ayana’s modest, yet powerful suit inspired look really impressed the judges this week.  The judges really liked the rouched top and all of the details that she was able to execute so well.

E11 Ayana Top 3

The fairly duster waived her magic wand and Brandon took his 3rd win this week.  Like I said, he can do no wrong…

E11 Brandon Wins

The Bottom 2 Looks

The judges were really critical of Margarita’s corset this week.  They didn’t see her vision on the runway and although they understood it better after deliberations, they weren’t quite impressed and felt her look was a bit too literal for the challenge.

E11 Margarita Bottom 2

Kentaro caught flack for the obvious, all black look that seemed to resemble Brandon’s look too closely this week.  I’ve seen something similar from Kentaro on the runway before, which was his winning look a few weeks back, but because he has reverted back into his comfort zone of using all black it landed him in the bottom this week.

E11 Kentaro Bottom 2

Although the judges were conflicted this week, they ultimately decided to send Margarita home. 

E11 Margarita LosesI, personally, would have gone in the other direction this week.

Tim Gunn didn’t waste any time with the dramatics of telling Margarita to pack her bags – he came in and immediately announced (with tear filled eyes) that he would be using his Tim Gunn Save this week and that she wouldn’t be going anywhere!

E11 Tim Gunn SaveTim understood her vision and her passion behind this look.  It’s always good when someone believes in you….

Gotta love Tim Gunn! 

What did you think about this week’s episode? 

Did you agree with Tim using his 1-save for Margarita’s look?

Do you agree that Brandon’s look should have won?

Next week will be the final elimination and only 4 designers will make a line for Fashion Week, so stay tuned…

Leave me your thoughts in the comment box below!  I love to hear from you…


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