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Project Runway S16 E10 Recap

Project Runway S16 E10 Recap

This season seems like it’s really flying by but we’ve already reached the 10th episode and so much has happened thus far!  Last week was a thriller of an episode, leading into the top 6 designers of this competition fighting it out with a new unconventional materials challenge.

Episode 10 – Driving Miss Unconventional

E10 starts off with high emotions with the designers feeling anxious – the competition is getting tight now with only 6 designers left and everyone is starting to feel the heat.  Heidi advises the designers to proceed with caution! 

Tim Gunn introduces the designers to The Lexus Challenge and the designers will need to use all safety / unconventional materials to complete their looks – with no stops by Mood Fabrics!  This marks the 2nd challenge using unconventional materials where Ayana won. 

E10 Tim Gunn Lexus Challenge

Missed that episode?  Check it out HERE!

You get the feeling that some of the designers dislike the unconventional materials challenges (just as much as I do), but they get to gathering as much as they can as quickly as possible.  Ayana tries to grab as much material as possibly – since she loves modesty, while Kenya tries her best to get whatever she can get her hands on.  She’s too cute – stuffing materials in her blouse!  Michael and Margarita did a good job at getting lots of safety materials as well.

E10 Unconventional Materials

The workroom is getting a little tense now.  The designers aren’t sharing advice and materials like they once did earlier in the competition. 

E10 Margarita materials

E10 Kenya workroom

E10 Brandon Tim

With Brandon this week you start to get the feeling that he’s starting to struggle with coming up with different ideas.  Mind you, unconventional challenges are difficult and I wouldn’t be able to do it.  The judges really like Brandon and as long as he can stick to his aesthetic then I think he’ll make Fashion Week.

Sidenote – I’m so happy that you get to hear from the models this season on Project Runway!  They have their own confessionals and let it all hang out when it comes to their opinions on what the designers are making. 

Final Looks

E10 Final Looks

The Top 4

Ayana used everything she could put her hands on!  In the beginning, I was concerned that her look would look chaotic but I think her look was something that was fashion forward and chic!  I would’ve left off the hard had and “CAUTION” tape, but I get her storyline and what she was trying to say with it.

E10 Ayana

E10 Ayana

Brandon struggled with coming up with a concept that worked but in the end he came up with something that came together well – he made it work!

E10 Brandon

He needed to make some adjustments to the skirt back pieces to account for the model’s backside.  Zac Posen noticed that the skirt was a little short in the back.  The model felt that it was too short, but it worked on the runway.

E10 Brandon

Margarita wanted an athletic look and I think this idea started on the right foot but I’m not too impressed with the final look.  With these unconventional challenges, the designers are supposed to transform the materials into something fashionable and I think she used what she had and made it into an outfit.  Nothing was transformed.

E10 Margarita

Margarita’s look really impressed the judges this week.  Zac Posen does express his need to see her true design aesthetic because he feels like he doesn’t know who she is as a designer yet.  She’ll need to keep this in mind for next week…

E10 Margarita

Kenya struggled with getting materials this week and she felt the pressure… In the end, she used what what had and had the ultimate “make it work” moment!”

E10 Kenya

This week’s winner was Ayana!  She went in with confidence and it all paid off!

E10 Winner Ayana

The Bottom 2

Michael stuck with his initial idea to use bondage and make it chic. The judges weren’t too enthused with this look at all…the “hooker-ish” bondage thing didn’t pan out for him this week and unfortunately, the judges really didn’t see his vision…

E10 Michael

E10 MichaelI wonder what his model was thinking… the look on her face is priceless!

Kentaro’s look this week missed the mark for me.  I loved that he found the fire hose fabric but I think making a circle skirt was too simple and since he had actual fabric, he should have stretched himself more… I also was not a fan of the Pocahontas look in the end… his model wasn’t a fan either. 

E10 Kentaro

E10 Kentaro

The judges were disappointed in his look, saying it was too matchy-matchy and uninspired.  They expect a lot more from him at this point.

Michael ended up being the loser this week. 

E10 Loser Michael

Like Heidi says each week – “in fashion, one week you’re in and the next, you’re out!”

What were your thoughts about this week’s episode?  Feel free to drop your thoughts below!


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