Project Runway S16 E5 Recap

Project Runway S16 E5 Recap

It’s that time again!  If you’ve noticed a trend by now, I’ve been posting my weekly recaps of this season’s episodes a few days after the show airs.  This gives me a few days to re-watch the episode and catch all of the tid bits about it.  I’m hoping that this also allows you to see the episodes too, so we have some time to have thoughts to share! 

Episode 5 – Descending into Good and Evil

This week’s challenge was a little different.  It’s not a team challenge but there is a divide in what the designers are working on.  It’s good vs evil this week and since Michael won last week, he gets to choose who does what – good or evil – inspired looks based on the film Descendants 2.

Samantha week 5 design

twinning wk 5

I’m sorry if this week is shorter than previous recaps.  I’m under the weather and just trying to make it through so I can take a nap!  xoxo

Have you seen the latest episode of Real Time with Bill Maher?  Tim Gunn made an appearance and talked about this season of Project Runway and discussed in detail the use of plus size models!  Check out the full episode HERE! 

Tim Gunn quote

Who’s Got Good?

Amy – I honestly had to watch this episode several times and after a few watches, I started to not mind her look… The cocoon jacket starts to grow on you.  I would have done this in a different color, but it’s cute.

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Project Runway S16 E4 Recap

Project Runway S16 E4 Recap

This season of Project Runway is off and moving full steam ahead.  The competitions are getting more intense and the heat is really starting to rise.  Some key competitors are starting to show their weaknesses while others are thriving with each challenge. 

This week’s episode really stretches the competition and you start to separate the good from the great.

Episode 4 – We’re Sleeping Wear?

To start off, the cast is told that they’re going to the Empire State Building and will be sleeping there overnight, to gain inspiration. 


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Project Runway S16 E3 Recap

Project Runway S16 E3 Recap

This week’s episode of Project Runway was a fun and refreshing challenge based on the new movie, Leap!  The designers are told to use the movie as inspiration and invent something that’s inspired by “dance, movement and innovation”.

Episode 3 – A Leap of Innovation

This week, the cast gets to head over to Mood Fabrics to get their supplies, a welcomed advantage from last week!  I think everyone started the competition pretty confident with a clear vision of what the direction they wanted to take.  Naturally, the twins are shown running frantically around the workroom again.  They’re starting to get a reputation among the other designers.  They definitely get in their own zone! 

Speaking of getting into a zone, #DesignerBrandon has something he calls a “zen-zone” where he’s able to completely tune everything out in hectic situations and have an inner peace.  I’m a fan!  Especially when it comes to sewing and being creative – you have to be able to disconnect with outer influences and just make stuff happen!

We’re only a few episodes in and you can start to see some alliances starting to form.  Margarita and Michael have started to form a bond… Kenya and Deyonte seem to also clique as well.  And of course… there’s the twins!


Looks I Loved

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Project Runway S16 E2 Recap

Project Runway S16 E2 Recap

Episode 2 – An Unconventional Recycling

Let me start off by saying that I hate unconventional challenges.  I’m fully aware that unconventional challenges bring out the real artists and showcase everyone’s creativity, or lack thereof, but I want to see flowy fashions hit the runway, not up-cycled trash….

The group heads off to a large recycling facility and are commissioned to make runway ready garments out of recycled items.  The key here is to come up with high fashion looks from gar-bage.

An Unconventional Recycling

To add complexity, this challenge is also a team challenge.  Let the fun begin! 

Tim broke the group up into 3 teams and each team has to come up with their own mini collection.  Team challenges always has a certain dynamic that tends to bring out the claws!  In the end, this challenge was no different…

The Teams

An Unconventional Recycling

Team 1, aka ‘Team Wabi Sabi’ – Kudzanai, Michael, Kantaro, Deyonte & Margarita

Team 2, aka ‘Team Ballin’ on a Budget’ – Aaron, Batani, Brandon, Kenya & Ayana

Team 3, aka ‘Team Tsunami’ – Sentell, Samantha, Amy, Claire & Shawn

As expected several of the designers started this challenge with some struggles, while others seemed to have confidence from the start. 

Those That Thrived

Kenya started off doubting herself and the direction she wanted to take, but in the end she came through!  She used newspaper clippings & plastic to create an a-line dress with multiple pieces, puff sleeves and a large keyhole in the front of the bodice – a complete showstopper!  I honestly really enjoy her work and think that she has a great eye.  Although her team won as a collective, her look didn’t give her the win this week but she had one of the strongest looks on the runway. 

Samantha took her team’s trash bags and totally transformed it into a work of art for the bodice.  She had a vision and took the time needed to execute it.  I can also appreciate the fact that she offered to help her team but still stuck in her lane and made sure that she completed her best look.  It paid off, but I think she should have continued her weaved bodice textile into the skirt!

Deyonte‘s dress made of trash bags didn’t get much tv time this week, but it was one of my favorite looks overall.  He completely transformed the trash bags into something chic and wearable art!  If his team won, I think he would have won the overall challenge.

Those That Struggled

Shawn was still picking up the pieces from being on the bottom 3 from last week and couldn’t find her stride at all this week.  Her team saw this and naturally her sister, Claire did everything she could to try to corral her back to life.  Shawn didn’t like the direction of the team’s vision and got off to a rocky start.  She also couldn’t get over the fact that her model this week was more voluptuous than her typical “superstar” clients… mind you her model was a normal girl, a size 10-12 in RTW at best.  I was so annoyed each time she mentioned the fact she had never worked with a “PLUS SIZE” model before.  I’m not sure how you can call yourself a designer and you’ve never worked with a woman that wears sizes larger than 0-2.  Even though she didn’t have a completed look until it was time to hit the runway, she ended up with something that was safe enough to take her to next week’s competition.

Sentell chose to use trash bags to work with and I am positive that the bodice he created and worked on for 75% of the show was supposed to turn into something FABULOUS!  It just didn’t… The bodice was completely flat and had no… umph.  At all!  I think if he concentrated more on his look and not so much on missing his husband or what Shawn was/wasn’t doing, he could have come up with something much better.  In the middle of Shawn’s design issues, Sentell was trying to stroke her ego… which is so crazy because he turns on in front of the judges! 

An Unconventional Recycling

Ayana is a modest designer and wants to stay true to her perspective.  This can definitely give her troubles, depending on the types of challenges the group is faced with and she felt the pressure with this unconventional challenge this week.  She chose to work with newspaper and foil to fill in the gaps.  Luckily, she was able to make it work for her in the end.

The Winning TeamAn Unconventional Recycling

Team Ballin’ on a Budget won the team challenge. 

An Unconventional Recycling

The judges liked the way the team tied in all of their looks into an overall collection.  Thanks to Brandon’s idea to paint pieces of the textile which went into each team members’ looks that made the looks cohesive. 


I loved Aaron and Kenya’s looks.  They transformed their pieces into something fashion forward & their models were both obsessed with their looks too.  Brandon’s look was great, but I wish his model’s pants were more flattering to her figure.  I wasn’t a fan of Batani or Ayana’s looks, but those were the 2 looks that stole the show, according to the judges.  Sometimes, I have no clue what these judges are looking for!   Batani’s model looked like a samurai warrior but I agreed with Ayana’s look being the finale piece in their collection.   I don’t think that the same girl would wear all looks in this collection, but there was cohesion.

An Unconventional Recycling

Ayana was the individual winner this week. 

(Honorable Mention – My winning team was Team Wabi Sabi… I think there were more fashion forward looks in this group this week.  This team took Tim Gunn’s notes and their idea went from “eh” to something fierce, collectively.)

An Unconventional Recycling

The Losing Team

An Unconventional Recycling

Team Tsunami was the loser this week.  This group lacked cohesion, which is the key that all team challenges must have in order to win.  The trash was not transformed into fabric and I think their looks lacked creativity and were a bit amateur compared to the other teams.

An Unconventional Recycling

I think Shawn got extremely lucky this week.  Sentell’s look deserved to send him home and I hope he now realizes that it’s never a good idea to throw someone else under the bus when your look needs more attention.  Ultimately, he wasn’t a strong designer and I think the judges made the right decision.  I hope Shawn turns it around though, because she should be next to go home in my opinion!  I don’t like people that complain about everything.  You knew what you were getting yourself into when you signed up for this show…

Until next time…



Project Runway S16 E1 Recap

Project Runway S16 E1 Recap

Like most of my friends who like to sew, I indulge in watching every episode of Project Runway pretty religiously each season.  Sometimes I even binge watch previous seasons just to get my fix of the creativity and different techniques.  I especially like seeing everyone’s process for creating their looks each week.  It motivates me. 

Here a some of my thoughts from the 1st episode of Season 16.

The Pre-Season Show – Introducing the Cast

S16 started off… with some sort of a bang.  If I could sum up the cast in a word, it would be…  androgynous.  Several members are on the fence when it comes to design aesthetics and design for either men or women with androgynous silhouettes, men in dresses, baggy clothes with no real waistline, dull color palettes in some cases.  Aside from that there seems to be a variety of cultures, which comes as no surprise – there’s always lots of culture!  I love culture.  Overall, I’m impressed with the experience of this seasons’ designers. 

Highlights about the cast…

This season features the show’s first set of twin designers, who in my opinion, have similar personal style and design aesthetics too.  We’ll see how they do in the competition against each other and if they really do design separately. 

There’s definitely a couple of wacky designers in the mix – Chacha & Batani to name a few.

My Personal Favs

Deyonte, Kenya, Amy & Brandon – these guys have everything that I like to see in garments – strong pieces with lush textiles and comfy silhouettes. 

Episode 1 – One Size Fits All

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