Project Runway S16 E8 Recap

Ok, so the last episode left us with a little suspense and this episode doesn’t leave us with much more other than the fact that we’ve lost Shawn… She was so upset with having to go against Claire that it ultimately clouded her ability to design a new look for the challenge.  She chose to concede and give Claire a shot at making a name for herself in this competition.

E8 Shawn leaves

I really wish we could have seen some design work from the 2 of them and a chance to see who deserved to be there.  But I think the fact that Shawn couldn’t come up with anything within the first 15 minutes says a lot.  Claire came in and went right to work, cutting fabric, pinning to the dress form and basically had something to show the judges, while Shawn was fumbling around the workroom in tears. 

I guess that pretty much sums up who is the better designer better deserving twin to stay in the competition…

I think it was the best thing for Shawn to do, but how will Claire do without Shawn’s presence in the workroom?

Episode 8 – Client on the Go

I must say… I had high expectations for this week’s episode and was left feeling like this season is turning into just another reality show by the end of it.  This recap is full of Margarita & Claire drama, so prepare yourself…

Not that this episode is short on it’s own drama but the breaking news of the show’s infamous executive producer, Harvey Weinstein, and the allegations of sexual assaults on female actresses he’s worked with over the years… some of which, included some very well known names… I was even more shocked to learn that one of Project Runway‘s reoccurring judges, Georgina Chapman, is married to this man.  Harvey Weinstein was immediately removed as EP on Project Runway.  Very big news in the entertainment industry and a shocker for me to know that he was so intertwined into my favorite show!

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Project Runway S16 E7 Recap

Viewers are still reeling after lost week’s elimination…. that was a tough pill to swallow with Samantha’s exit.  Project Runway is spicing things up in this week’s episode!

Episode 7 – The Ultimate Faceoff

 This episode is all about Menswear inspired looks for JC Penney. It’s a team challenge where 2 designers on different teams are picked to work with the same fabric and Tim Gunn uses his ever so trusted (and feared) velvet bag to choose the teams of 2.

Since Kentaro was last week’s winner, he gets to choose his partner, without being subjected to Tim Gunn’s bag selection. He chooses his “brother” Brandon.  Their bond is just too cute!  Tim Gunn proceeds to pick the remaining teams by pulling names and those chosen get to pick their own partner.  A nice twist on the velvet bag!

The rest of the partnerships are formed into the following:  Kenya/Amy, Batani/Margarita, Ayana/Michael and naturally Shawn/ Claire.  

I really like the way that Brandon and Kentaro communicate. I think they work really well together.

brandon kentaro

Although Amy and Kenya have a mutual admiration for each other’s work, I think Amy held Kenya back.  She wanted to use Kenya’s prior success to help them in this challenge but didn’t trust her vision to add in pieces that would have elevated their looks.  

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DIY Off The Shoulder Top V9242

Nothing makes me happier right now!  I’ve finally dusted off my machine, gone through my fabric stash and decided on a few patterns to start off with.  I’m in the mood to revamp my wardrobe & even give some clothes away so I can make room for more.  In the wake of hurricane season, sewing is on the brain!  I think watching all of this Project Runway may have something to do with my sudden need to sew something, but it’s all good with me!

I had to play process of elimination to come up with what my first DIY was gonna be.  I even enlisted the power of my social media to help me decide!  I’ve been holding onto Vogue Pattern V9242 for months now and I’m fully aware that we’re nearing the end of Summer but in Texas, I have a few more months of heat, so this off the shoulder top will still get some use.


V9242 is a great pattern to get back into the swing of things.  I chose View C, omitted the ruffles & opted to use .25′ wide elastic on the neckline vs gathering.  This saved me a step, after adding the straps, I was able to easily secure the straps above the elastic, hem the bottom and voila!  I was done.

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Project Runway S16 E6 Recap

After the last competition, I just knew that this week would be good so let’s just jump right in.  Let me say – immediately before this episode is a clip of previous cast member’s flipping out moments, so I was convinced that someone was going to lose it this week and/or quit!  Luckily, I was wrong.

Episode 6 – Models Off Duty

To start off this episode, the designers meet with the models who are dressed in their own clothes.  Tim Gunn walks them through the expectations for this week’s challenge and the designers are chosen by their clients, the models!  The challenge is to make a look for the models that they would wear while off duty and for them to be photographed in for their personal social media outlets to showcase their personal style.  The looks will be a collaboration of what each model wants, paired with the chosen designer’s personal touch.  For anyone who enjoys designing clothes with and for a particular client – this is the dream challenge!

Project Runway Week 6

It seems like everyone is someone’s favorite designer – except for the twins… is anyone surprised?  Each designer is picked and each twin is chosen last.  Maybe it was just a coincidence, but with each week’s depiction of how the twins’ union is getting on everyone’s nerves, I guess it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the models are connecting with the other designers. 

We’ve reached the point in the competition where each designer has their personal strengths and each designer is strong, whether they have a prominent perspective as a designer or they can mold to each challenge and have very good execution skills to match. 

The Designer / Model Match Ups

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Project Runway S16 E5 Recap

It’s that time again!  If you’ve noticed a trend by now, I’ve been posting my weekly recaps of this season’s episodes a few days after the show airs.  This gives me a few days to re-watch the episode and catch all of the tid bits about it.  I’m hoping that this also allows you to see the episodes too, so we have some time to have thoughts to share! 

Episode 5 – Descending into Good and Evil

This week’s challenge was a little different.  It’s not a team challenge but there is a divide in what the designers are working on.  It’s good vs evil this week and since Michael won last week, he gets to choose who does what – good or evil – inspired looks based on the film Descendants 2.

Samantha week 5 design

twinning wk 5

I’m sorry if this week is shorter than previous recaps.  I’m under the weather and just trying to make it through so I can take a nap!  xoxo

Have you seen the latest episode of Real Time with Bill Maher?  Tim Gunn made an appearance and talked about this season of Project Runway and discussed in detail the use of plus size models!  Check out the full episode HERE! 

Tim Gunn quote

Who’s Got Good?

Amy – I honestly had to watch this episode several times and after a few watches, I started to not mind her look… The cocoon jacket starts to grow on you.  I would have done this in a different color, but it’s cute.

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