New DIY Camo Blazer

New DIY Camo Blazer

Unblogged in 2014 #1.  Reference this post for more info on what else I was up to!

It has been far too long since I last finished something for myself!  I absolutely love to sew, but I (am extremely selfish and enjoy sewing for myself more than anyone else) have had the opportunity to sew for some very special people lately!  🙂  It is the biggest compliment to have someone see what you’ve done and want it for themselves!  I’m grateful that others take an interest in what I’m making.

In my last pursuit of new patterns, I ventured out from my Vogue roots and found some very cute Butterick patterns that I wanted to try. I have a pure love for blazers and found this pattern on sale (I wouldn’t stray from Vogue for any other reason).

There are so many things about this jacket that I love – the high/low, the pockets, design etc. [Not a valid template]

Materials Used for this Make:

  • Broadcloth fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • Interfacing

*all material was found at JoAnn’s (broadcloth + lining fabrics were 50% off)

Pattern Review:

I am pretty impressed with Butterick thus far.  Their patterns have a distinct sense of style.  This pattern is very easy to make and once you’ve cut all of your pieces (and there are several), it comes together pretty quickly.  After measuring the length of the jacket, I noticed it was going to fit more like a coat which wasn’t what I was going for.  The length of this jacket is very long.  [Not a valid template] I chose to make some adjustments to make this jacket more like a blazer.

I would categorize this as intermediate because of lining, facing, buttons and shoulder pad installs.


  • Remove 10′ from the length
  • Removed & angled the fronts by about 4′ (below the middle button placement)
  • Angled portion above the middle button to the top corner, below the collar
  • Removed the button
  • Cut 8′ from the center back seam and created the flap
  • Removed the pockets
  • Added collar stays to stiffen the ends of the collar

After I made the below adjustments, I noticed that I forgot to account for the pockets…. hated to do it, but had to remove them. I wasn’t going to add shoulder pads, but… had to add them.  This is meant to have shoulder pads and without them, you will have awkward shoulders.  I tried changing up the lining on the tail of the jacket and… had to switch it back to the directions.

[Not a valid template] [Not a valid template] I’m happy with the changes I made!  Now I know that I can take these patterns and make them into my own style.

[Not a valid template][Not a valid template]

Will I make this pattern again?  This project was definitely a labor of love.  I learned some new things – installing shoulder pads and my very first pattern hack!  I’m proud of that…   I plan on making another blazer, with similar alterations but I want pockets on the next one 🙂



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