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It’s Tulle Season!

Tis the season for spring – Easter is right around the corner and it’s officially Wedding Season!  In layman’s terms and for those of us that sew… it’s tulle season.

Tulle is definitely not my favorite fabric of choice.  It’s not easy to work with and the funny thing is, you need SO MUCH OF IT!  For this dress, I bought 24 yards of tulle!!  Yes – twenty-four yards!

Materials Used

To make this Easter dress, I started with my daughter’s t-shirt and drafted the bodice.

DIY Bodice

DIY Bodice Pieces

I added a faced waistband, cut the tulle into pieces, sewing them into layers to make the skirt.  You can read more about my process HERE.

DIY Tulle Top.jpg

A quick note for my DIY-ers:  Remember to baste 2 rows when gathering.  When using tulle, or any stiff material, the thread can very easily break during this process.  Proceed with caution!  You will not want to start this process over 🙂

DIY Tulle Dress.jpg

 DIY Tulle Dress Zipper.jpg
As you know, I loathe LOVE installing zippers!  You can read about the method I used for this install HERE.  After using my alcohol trick and normal touch up work, this turned out pretty decent.

I added a custom neck band.  Slipstitching is the thing for me 🙂  If you’re interested in getting any good sewing done, I highly suggest throwing something on tv like a Game of Thrones marathon and just get to work!  It works!

DIY Tulle Dress Completed.jpg

My dress form is too big for such a little body, so I couldn’t get a good pic of the finished look for the life of me.

I love self-drafted projects!  They’re so rewarding once you’re done 🙂

Do you like this tulle skirt option, also seen HERE, but don’t want to make it? 

You can shop the look HERE!

Do you prefer pattern sewing or self-drafted projects?  Sometimes it’s good to switch it up!  Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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