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Floral DIY V9075… (Again!)

Floral DIY V9075… (Again!)

Floral V9075In Texas summer lasts into September and sometimes even October, so I’m prepping for the end of my summer sewing.

After eyeing this this floral print from Hancock, I finally decided to get it.  I’m not a floral fabric type of girl… but I liked it!  I had a maxi skirt in mind and even started cutting the fabric, but deep down, I wanted another dress!

I really think this Vogue 9075, View A is going to be a staple in my closet – regardless of the season. It’s everything I like in a dress. It’s feminine with the fitted bodice, spacious through the skirt and pockets!!

Quick Note:  This floral print is a linen with slight 2-way stretch. Compared to using crepe for this pattern, I actually favor the crepe’s drape and flow but for the structured bodice, the linen is the obvious choice. 

This time, I actually followed all pattern instructions – included the lining throughout the bodice.

Floral V9075 Slip Stitched Lining

I’m convinced that lining is EVERYTHING to me now!!!  It finishes the garment and takes it from looking less like DIY to a professional piece.  (You don’t see the nasty sewing lines on the zipper tape.)  I slip stitched the lining to the waistband.

I also chose to stabilize the zipper with interfacing.

Floral V9075 Zipper

Y’all know how much I struggle with zippers!!!!  Not anymore 🙂

Instead of doing the gathered waist, I opted to freelance some box pleats.  I pinned the front bodice to the skirt front and pleated the skirt front.  I did the same with the bodice back + skirt back pieces, pleated the rest of the skirt, attached the dress at the side seams and then basted the waist.

Floral V9075

Floral V9075 Pleated Skirt

I even completed it with a blind hem!  Say WHAT????

Floral V9075 Blind Hem

Floral V9075

I have so many things I have in my mental list of to-dos.  More to come!

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