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Easy Beginner Jumpsuit

Easy Beginner Jumpsuit

What girl doesn’t love a good jumpsuit? It’s easy to wear and easy to make. I was in the mood for something quick and especially easy. Have you ever just wanted to make something but didn’t want to think too much about how to construct it? I found this pattern from See & Sew in my stash, B6010. I ordered this pattern from here. This is my very first See & Sew pattern attempt, so starting out I was pretty anxious. I grabbed this great tribal, 2-way stretch knit in my random bags of stashed away fabrics. This particular fabric was found at Joann’s. It’s pretty slippery to the touch, so I know it will be a great outfit for the summertime. I intended to use this material for a wrap dress, but this jumpsuit turned out to be a great alternative.

To say that this pattern is easy is an understatement! I think this is the perfect pattern for a beginner. It doesn’t have a lot of pieces, once you’ve cut your pattern & fabric this can take you no more than maybe an hour and a half to complete. It’s OK if it takes longer than that for you. Don’t feel defeated if it does!

*The toughest part is pulling the elastic through the casing, which is what you will create by sewing about a ½ inch allowance.

Pattern Alterations:
The pattern tells you to only sew ¼ inch casing, but I used ½ inch to give myself more room. This is the only change to the original pattern that I made. I will be making more adjustments to the bodice length for my next jumpsuit. I think this pattern’s bodice is too short for my torso.

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Quick Tip:
To pull the elastic through the casing, I would suggest using a safety pin to full the elastic at the tip. I also left some gaps at intersecting areas in the casing to give myself a break and a chance to pull the end of the elastic through. This seemed to help me get the elastic through the casing a lot faster as well.

Pattern Review:
This pattern is recommended for beginners. It’s quick and the instructions are very easy to follow. Little experience is needed.

Will I use this pattern again?
Yep – I’ve already laid out my next jumpsuit for cutting and plan on completing it next!

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