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DIY Vogue V8998

DIY Vogue V8998

For my first fully lined garment, I must say… I absolutely love it!  It has flaws, it’s not perfect.  But I love it.  All materials were bought from Joann’s – ponte knit fabric in yellow that I’ve been eyeing at Joann’s for a few weeks – I had to get it!  Every so often, you can grab a really good deal at Joann’s where their in-season fabric is on sale for half off.  Peruse the isles when you have the time.  As usual, my time for fabric shopping is centered around payday, but definitely keep your eyes open for the sales.  The lining also came from Joann’s – a vibrant colorful silk.  I chose to line the bodice and waist band with this colorful fabric because they are also lined with interfacing, so you can’t see through the front of the dress, but it does add some FUN to the inside of the dress. [Not a valid template]  The skirt is lining with a matching yellow silk lining material also found at Joann’s.   [Not a valid template]

A few notes for this project

Preparation:  I would suggest getting more than one spool of thread anytime you start a project.  I started with only one and ended up getting 2 more spool of yellow, not because I needed that much more but because I love yellow and I know I will use it.  More importantly, I needed one more to finish this dress.  It’s pretty safe to get 2 spools of your thread choice when starting a project.  I never have enough and always end up getting more.

Cut the lining + facing when you cut your fabric pieces.  Sounds like common sense, I’m sure!  Lately, I’ve been getting a little overzealous and cutting fabric before buying all of my lining pieces.  Save yourself the time and get everything you need first, cut all pieces out (which is already the most painful part of the process) and get to sewing.

I ran into a little issue with installing this zipper.  [Not a valid template]  I solicited some help from my Instagram buddies and got some great feedback on how to fix it.  Make sure that you go in the same direction when installing a zipper.  And… when I first completed the band, I didn’t sew in a straight line, so my band was wider at one end.  So, when I went back to re-install one side of the zipper, I corrected the wider side of the band to match it up against the shorter side, I went in the same direction as the right side of the zipper and it was all good!

[Not a valid template]

Pattern Review:  Overall I think the steps are easy to follow.  There are several pieces to keep up with though!

Pattern Alterations:  I did not make any alterations to this dress, other than changing up the bodice lining fabric.  The sizing is true to size, so no fitting changes were needed.

Will I make this again?  Absolutely.  I think this can be done with other fabric choices that can be worn to many types of different events.  I would love to add pockets to this dress as well.  There is another make of this pattern with pockets that I may try next time.


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