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DIY Vogue 8825

DIY Vogue 8825

After seeing this dress on fashion blogger Mimi G Style, I was awe inspired to go for the gusto and make this dress!  I absolutely had to have it!  Off the top, this was definitely out of my league, but in order to become a better sewer I have to take risks.  So why not just dive in, right? Right? Right….

Vogue Pattern 8825

Side Note – If you’re new to sewing, please note that as you’re using pattern pieces to cut your fabric there are special things called “markings” that come in the form of little triangles & small circles that you will need to “transfer” onto your fabric.  If you’ve heard the term ‘transfer your markings’, this is what is being referred to.  Being the GENIUS that I am – I took this very literally and put holes where there were HOLES in the pattern. {sigh}  Gotta love having a new hobby!  This dress and I got off on the wrong foot.  You’re supposed to use fabric chalk to place the markings on the fabric, matching the pattern pieces.

I ordered this gorgeous, lightweight knit fabric from Mood Fabric.  I definitely suggest ordering swatches first.  Mood makes this easy.  I don’t know of any other online fabric stores that offer swatches as low as $1!  This fabric, although it feels wonderful, was probably a little too thin for this project.  Well, I actually take that back.  This could be the perfect fabric for this dress.  I should have used some test fabric for this project, because it was my first time using the pattern………. lesson learned.

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If you look closely, you’ll see where I’ve gone back and covered the holes…. This took longer than I’d like to admit.

Pattern Review:  Vogue rates this pattern as “Very Easy Vogue” and as a beginner, I would agree.  I think the instructions are very easy to follow and can be accomplished by a new sew-er.

Alterations to Pattern Size:  The fabric is quite stretchy to be so lightweight.  I took in about an inch on the skirt and added a 3 inch band at the bottom of the skirt.

Would I make this again?  Absolutely.  Once I figured out where I went wrong, I know that I will try this again.  I have to have this dress in my closet!

I was pretty defeated after this one turned out to be a flop, but give me time!  This will be re-done.

More to follow…

Have you ever attempted a sewing project that turned into a major disappointment?  How did you overcome it?



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