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DIY Vogue V8825 Remake

DIY Vogue V8825 Remake

It’s redemption time folks!

After this epic fail, I had to get to work on the remix!  I found this great, thick knit fabric from Joann’s.

This time around, I took my time.  I’m a visual person and sometimes I have to take time off the project to visualize what I’m about to do.  I literally took this step by step and when I started, with each step I took at least a day in between moving on.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and think about how to construct the next steps… I was a bit determined to make this dress happen and wearable.

Pattern Alterations:  I changed the width of the belt from it’s original width to match the widest part of the belt from beginning to end.

[Not a valid template]

You’ll notice… no hidden holes / awkward lines…

[Not a valid template]

View of the back of bodice

[Not a valid template]

I LOVE this sleeve!  I can see other dresses with this sleeve.

[Not a valid template]

These pictures really doesn’t do this dress any justice.  It hugs the right curves, the sleeves are the perfect length, with flare… It really is a great dress – I can’t wait to wear it!!



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