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DIY V8909 Track Pants

DIY V8909 Track Pants

Something has seriously come over me lately and I’ve been working on projects left and right. Maybe it’s the [pending] change in weather or because it’s football season so I can use my hubby’s TV time for sewing… whatever it is, it’s working!

I’ve been wanting to make some pants, and I’ve seen some notable reviews on this Vogue Pattern V8909 from other DIY Bloggers.  Since it’s getting [a little] cooler, I settled in on this great ponte knit fabric that I ordered from Hancock (on sale, $5/yd). I cut my pattern pieces and started sewing Sunday evening, stopped myself on the elastic waistband for the night. Following the instructions, I used the 3/4 in elastic in the casing and it felt a little too snug for my liking.  I found a pair of my husband’s sweats in the draw, decided to wear them… I like to be comfy when I’m sewing and figured that I liked the way his thicker waistband felt. It was definitely more comfortable to wear, so I completely took my current waistband down and doubled it width-wise. This did the trick! This was my easiest elastic-in-casing install ever 🙂

A few notes for beginners – I learned a valuable lesson about working with ponte knits.  You can’t use ball point needles with a ponte knit fabric (ball points are better for thinner fabrics).  Your stitches will have large gaps or skips in them and it’s a road block.  I found out you can use a ‘stretchy’ needle instead.  I ended up using a denim needle and it worked just as good.  Save yourself some time and frustration.  Check your needle stash and prepare accordingly.


Another thing.  Do not use a polyester thread with a ponte knit!  My thread kept shredding in the top needle/machine, so I had to keep cutting my top needle thread periodically.  Pretty annoying.  I think a basic, all-purpose thread will work just fine though, but once I started I wasn’t going to stop just to get some thread (or a needle!).


All in all, I typically haven’t had issues like others working with knits.  I have however learned these pretty interesting lessons working with ponte knit.  It’s a good, sturdy fabric but definitely needs some special treatment compared to other knits.

Vogue Pattern V8909

Pattern Review: This is a very easy pattern to follow.  I think that Vogue patterns really speak to the beginning sewer because their instructions are paired with pictures detailing the steps and if you take your time, they are extremely easy to follow.  There are only 4 pattern pieces, which also helps.


  • I cut View C and added the leg band with elastic.
  • I removed the from flap and sew’d straight up the middle vs creating the ultra tailored front.
  • Instead of making the multiple elastic casings in the leg bands, I just added only one 3/4 in elastic piece in each leg bad, for more of a relaxed look.

Will I make these pants again?  To say ‘yes’ is simply an understatement! I want them in prints, solids, sweats etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!  The best thing about these pants is that they’re versatile; you can either dress them up or down.


Materials Used to Accomplish this Look:

  • 2 yds of fabric, or $10
  • thread, from stash
  • denim needle, from stash

$10 pants = a good investment!

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