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DIY Jacket Vogue 8932

DIY Jacket Vogue 8932

Have you ever started one of those ‘easy’ patterns and after you got in too deep, noticed that the pattern was much harder than you thought?  Vogue says this jacket, pattern # 8932 is “easy” and I’d have to agree!

This is a very easy pattern – once you’ve cut all the pieces, it’s downhill from there plus or minus a step or 2.

Initially, I started off by making this jacket in reverse… let me back up. First things first – this jacket is sewn with wrong sides together, for the majority of the way. View A is sewn the traditional way with right sides together. View B and C are both sewn wrong sides together. Once you determine which jacket you want, make sure you have this part down!

Pattern Alterations: 

  • I used a 1/4 in seam allowance when attaching the sleeves.  I have broad shoulders and the extra room here really helped.
  • I did not add the interfacing and probably should have.  I love a popped collar! (don’t judge) Without the interfacing, with this knit fabric, it leaves the collar + front flaps kind of floppy.  Too floppy for my liking.  I will go back in and install interfacing.
  • I was lazy and did not buy matching thread before starting on this project.  Don’t be lazy.

I ordered this ponte knit from Hancock Fabrics online and I must say, what you see is what you get.  I love the color and this is a true, blue (no pun intended), ponte knit.  I used an all purpose thread that I purposed from Joann’s, along with a denim needle.  Why denim?  I had an unsuccessful bout with ponte + ball point needles in the past and denim needles work well with thicker fabrics.  I had no issues with this combo.

A few things to note for this pattern: 

  • Take your time when you get to the back, shoulder sections.  You will need to pivot where you have reinforced the corners, which can get interesting if you’re not used to it.
  • Cut all exterior seam allowances at the end.
  • A ponte knit is a great fabric to work with for this pattern, it gives a really good drape and helps those with wide shoulders, like myself, not feel like a linebacker!

Pattern Review:  Vogue has done it again.  This pattern hits the mark. This jacket has style & you don’t have to be a ‘master’ sewer to make it.  The instructions are easy to follow.  The fabric suggestions are good as well; I think that beginners should use easier fabrics, like the suggested ponte knit for ease.

Will I use this pattern again?  Yep.  It’s already in the works.  I need one in black and probably red too!

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Bodice front, no sleeves

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Bodice back, no sleeves

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Completed jacket


A glimpse after cutting the seam allowances.  Try to do this part without any distractions.  You want a steady, even hand when you do this.

After I completed the jacket, I ironed all of the outer seams just to reinforce them a bit.  I love this jacket & can’t wait to wear it!  I’ve been wanting a cobalt blue blazer and I feel like I’ve got it now 🙂

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