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DIY Easter in Shantung

DIY Easter in Shantung

Spring has sprung and it’s time to dust off those good ol’ Easter dresses!  Or better yet it’s time to make one!!

There’s nothing like starting a new project and before you know it, you’re left feeling like >> WHY?  A few things here…

  1. Have you ever worked with a new-to-you fabric that had you wondering…. why?!  Why did you choose this look that just so happened to require this fabric?  Was it completely necessary that the pattern makers chose THIS fabric to work with?
  2. Have you ever started on something new and wondered ‘WHAT WAS I THINKING???’  Sometimes, I think I’m just so happy to be making something that I don’t take enough time to prepare for the project.

In the spirit of Easter (with my best intentions) I set out to make this dress.

B6032 pic

I love the skirt’s flare and I am actually a fan of the floral print as well.

Initially, I tried this out in a knit fabric thinking that I wanted comfort over fit.  round 1

As all of you know, if you want something that looks good, having something both cute AND comfortable is hard to find!!  The flared skirt didn’t flare like I had hoped, and it just wasn’t what I wanted… So, I had to bite the bullet and head back to the store for more fabric.  For this particular look, I needed either a linen or shantung silk and since this is a special occasion dress, I opted for the shantung.  I’m always one for the challenge 🙂

Coral Easter Material

This is a coral shantung and it is gorgeous!  Want it for yourself?  Shop for it HERE! 🙂

This fabric sews very well.  My only complaint is that it frays.  To a point of complete irritation for those without a serger.  Check out the inside of my seams, pre-serger…

Pre-Serger Shredding

As you may know, I recently received my serger in the mail about 2 weeks ago (YAY!)  And once I got up enough nerve to attempt to thread it, here’s how it turned out!  Happy camper 🙂

Post Serger

Sidenote:  I’m not sure where I went wrong, but my serger threads started ripping on the under looper, so back to the trusty zig-zag stitch I went… 🙁

Coral Easter Dress

Lastly… adding zippers is not my strong point yet, so after checking out some YouTube videos from some of the experts, I found what I thought was a new-to-me trick that would save some time and give me better accuracy.  I would happen to agree buuuutttt… not so much!

Here’s the tip! add double sided tape to where you want the zipper to go, sew the zipper in place

Seems easy enough right?  And it was.  Until my fabric, after being topstiched, created some bunching around the zipper, thus creating some issues with the zipper functioning properly.  To fix this, I went over the exposed glue from the tape with some rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and scraped off the stickiness with my seam ripper.

I ended up totally removing the topstitching all together and the end result was fine.

Coral Easter Dress
Overall, I am very happy with my results!  Even though I went through some interesting turns, I’m happy that I went out of my comfort zone using a new-to-me fabric.  Using shantung vs a regular knit is better for the overall construction – it provides the flared skirt with more structure than would a knit, which tends to have more draping.


For those of you that want to sew the look, the pattern used to achieve this style is B6032

Want the look, but don’t want to sew it yourself?  Shop the look HERE

What special occasion fabrics do you prefer to sew with?   Do you have any interesting stories to share about sewing with shantung without a serger?  I’d love to hear from you, please share your stories below!

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