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DIY Cigarette Pants

DIY Cigarette Pants

One of my favorite era’s in time is the 1960’s.  I love the style and the music especially!

A small part of my soul feels like I was born during the Motown era… I grew up listening to the music – Long road trips to visit family, Motown 25 on VHS rings a bell…. Glimpses of my childhood memories definitely include either listening to or watching stories or documentaries of the groups and the history of Motown and music during this time.

My Motown Crush

Even though I’m an 80’s baby, I had a thang for Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations!!  I’ve always loved the way he looked in those pants & his hair parted to the side!!!!  He was smooth…


Before writing this post, I started researching ‘cigarette pants’ and found out that women were actually wearing these pants in the ’50’s.  I would venture to say that Audrey Hepburn is the one who broke the mole during this time.

See the Look

AudreyHepburn  Audrey HepburnMaryTylerMoore

Mary Tyler Moore

DVF Cig Pants

DVF’s version of modern day cigarette pants

(similar pair found here, $285.)

Sew the Look

For these pants, I wanted something to make a statement.  I am really loving prints this season, so I went with this knit suiting material (minimal stretch), also seen here.

I self-drafted my pants, using a pair of my skinny jeans.  I made the following adjustments:

  • Added a 9′ zipper (faced) to the back, center seam.
  • Removed 5′ from the length of my pant legs.
  • Added 9′ side zippers to each pant leg.
  • Added a 3′ waistband with 2 hook & eyes.

DIY Cigarette Pants


DIY Cigarette Pants

I’ve lost some inches in my waist since I first started these pants (Insert about a month’s time), so the waist is a bit big.  Luckily, my thighs are still in tact to keep everything else in place and in serious need of seam ripping & adjusting.  Truth be told, I’m still working on my closures.  Using hook & eyes is an art!  But I’m getting used to it 🙂

DIY Cigarette Pants

What I’m Wearing:

Top – DIY

Pants – DIY

Shoes – Aldo (old), similar here

So, now it’s your turn!  Are you inspired by a specific era in time?


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