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DIY Cape M6209 Remake

TAKE #2 – I am married to a very honest, sometimes a little too honest man. Love him to little pieces, but sometimes I wish he gave me little disclaimers for his opinions. He’s responsible for letting me know that my ‘baby’, aka DIY Cape #1 didn’t match anything in my closet… I’m not the most matchy-matchy person, but he did have a point.  From my earthy muse, Erykah Badu ‘I’m an artist. And I’m sensitive about my sh**.’

Enter… Take #2 at M6209. This time around I chose a black blizzard fleece and a lining fabric, red and black plaid flannel, both I found at Joann’s. Adding a lining to fleece is different, because the 2 added together is pretty thick. The end result is great! I’m glad that I re-did this pattern.

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A few changes to this remake – I shortened the belt in half, in length, or maybe I just did it wrong in Take #1. I also shortened the length of the cape by 3 inches.

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I must say, I loved the look of the lining. It made the cape look finished and it added a level of professionalism to this DIY project.

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More to follow…

So what do you think of Round #2?



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