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Distressing Your Own Jeans | EPIC FAIL!

Distressing Your Own Jeans | EPIC FAIL!

When distressing [colored] jeans goes wrong…

[Preface] I do not claim to be an expert of DIY.  I am just like so many of you, that love to create and exercise your creative juices. Sometimes, the things I work on don’t work out!  And I will be totally open about my successes and failures. 

With an honest attempt, I took to Instagram and Facebook to solicit help on some new DIY projects.  I live by this motto (or at least try to), Give the people what they want! - The O'Jays Click To Tweet

So I tried that.

And this is how that went….

The Goal:  Refashioning something old in my closet…

Naturally, I grabbed a pair of jeans.  They’re a forest green pair of jeans that I bought from TJ Maxx some time ago, made by DKNY…  A pair that I don’t particularly wear anymore, but I can still fit them, so… when in a pinch – they’re wearable!  (As-is)

Using this tutorial, I also grabbed some of my sewing essentials + a cheese grader from my kitchen and proceeded to do some major damage….

Refashioned Jeans | Epic Fail

Now… I started out with some really good intensions to have some really cute jeans once this was over!  (remember that as you scroll down……….)

Refashioned Jeans | Epic Fail

Using a seam ripper + rotary cutter

I then started using the cheese grader.

Refashioned Jeans | Epic Fail

Post cheese grader…

Not too bad, right!?!  Yeah, I thought so too… So I kept going!

Refashioned Jeans | Epic Fail

Post the 2nd round of cheese grading…

And now you can start to see the color in the denim fading.  So, at this point I decided that making MORE marks on these jeans would make this part not-so-noticeable… Why?  Again.  I had the best of intensions here….

Refashioned Jeans | Epic Fail

More spots, using the cheese grader… (opposite leg)

As you can see… that didn’t work!

I just made a semi-bad situation worse and even more noticeable….  as my jeans are starting to FADE!

So, I had a bright idea to wash these jeans to see if this would help blend the jeans and make this ‘situation’ better.

Distressed Jeans Epic Fail

Post machine-wash, air dry… still discolored!

No such luck.

Have you tried something that seemed easy when you saw it on Pinterest, but it didn’t turn out quite like you expected?

Tell me about here!  Share your stories of Rehab Fails below!

(PLEASE don’t leave me hanging!!)




  1. November 2, 2015 / 2:15 PM

    Thank you so so sooo much for your honesty – I never read about the DIY projects that are not Pinterest worth and it makes me a feel a type of way about mine (I’d say about 30% of my DIY projects end in a bit of a fail). Great post Nikki

    X Sola

    • afashionaddict
      November 2, 2015 / 2:26 PM

      I’m so glad you can relate!
      DIY definitely isn’t always roses & lemonade, for sure!

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