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Coat Scraps to Infinity Scarves

Coat Scraps to Infinity Scarves

The temperature has taken a definite turn and I really wanted a quick and easy project that I could get me over my current sewing funk.

I went through my stashes and already knew I had mounds of fleece leftover from my recent projects – coats for Christmas! I love infinity scarves and with this cold, windy weather it’s just what I need… in fleece!

DIY Infinity Scarf

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To make an infinity scarf, you’ll want to know the following:

  1. You should start with a large, rectangular shaped base. You will  fold the fabric in half length-wise, ending with half of a long rectangle.  My scarf  shown below started at about 36in wide x 60in long.
  2. Pin & sew right sides together along the length of the open side of your rectangle, leaving the 2 sides open.  My scarf is now 18in wide x 60in long.
  3. Next, turn your rectangle right side out.
  4. Pin the 2 ends together, matching seams. This part is a little tricky for me, because you won’t be able to sew all the way around the circle with your machine.  Sew as far as you can make it with your machine and then turn your fabric right sides out again.
  5. To close the remaining fabric, you can either sew with your machine close to the ends of the seam or you can slip-stitch.
  6. Voila! You’re done. Final measurements for my scarf were – 18in x 60 in round.

This is a great beginner project, with no pattern required. This can take as little as 30 minutes!

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Special thanks to Shella Baker for modeling my scarf!  Check her out on YouTube, AlwaysClassy111 & IG @ahykonikdiva!  She’s a natural hair guru! 🙂

PEACE 2014 & Happy New Year!


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