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Brother 1034D Serger Review + More

Brother 1034D Serger Review + More

HEYYY!  It’s been FOREVER since I’ve updated you guys on the latest happenings. I feel like I’ve taken some sort of internet hiatus and ended up neglecting the blog too!  Shame.  It was totally unintentional.  Since my last post, I’ve completed 4 new garments and have one more that is almost done – posts are coming soon!

I’m guessing it’s been a month or so since I got my Brother 1034D Serger.  Here are my thoughts so far…   Going into this, I read several reviews and did some brand comparisons prior to purchasing and the common issue with this serger is threading.

  • 1st off – The thing works like a BEAST compared to my Curvy Singer (aka Betsy). The engine on that thing!! It’s high-powered baby!
  • The machine comes with 2 CD’s, a bag of goodies and everything you’ll + an extra set of needles.   I like goodie bags.  Makes me feel like I got more than what I paid for.  🙂
    • Sidenote:  The CD’s are very outdated and I’ve actually found better interpretations on threading this machine on YouTube.


Interested in learning how to thread your Brother 1034D Serger?  

I’ve rummaged thru a lot of videos and found this one!  Check out this video here!  

It helped me, and I’m sure it will help you too 🙂

old brother

The outdated version of the instructions…

  • There are 4 thread options, 3 of which are mandatory from what I can tell – 2 on the bottom (3rd from the left & far right) + the 2nd top needle (left needle, 2nd spool).  I, like most users, have a hard time keeping the lower looper (far right) threaded.  For some reason, it won’t stay in it’s looper. It’s been hit or miss for me. I’ve actually put it to the side and continued using Betsy in the meantime.


In other news….

I recently read a post from a fellow DIY Sewing Blogger, Jenny from Cashmerette about sewing benchmarks and sewing goals.  It got me to thinking…

What do I want out of sewing?

Do I want the clothes I make to be just as good as what you see in the stores, aka Ready to Wear (RTW)?  Or, do I want to make clothes that are recognizable for style, class, ___ (fill in the blank)?

Do I want to be better than RTW?

At this point, I’ve been sewing since 2012-ish but more consistently for the past year. I started out relying on patterns to guide me through the process of constructing garments but now, with the help of YT videos, I’m starting to venture out and have since learned how to construct items without a pattern. I love not having to use patterns! I can do more things that have more of my personality in it. I’m getting more confident with altering garments to what I want and deviating from patterns.  🙂

As I experiment more with new things, I think my goal for now is to keep working at my craft and perfecting my techniques. I am learning to use my new serger and hopefully will use it more without SO many hiccups.

I want my garments to be  just as good, if not better than RTW and I want people to know that I made it because it matches my style, not because it looks like I made it in my gameroom 🙂

What about you?

What is your ultimate sewing goal?

Do you prefer to use patterns over free-styling?

For beginners, are you comfortable enough to branch away from patterns yet?

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Until next time!




  1. Naturaldane
    April 23, 2015 / 9:58 AM

    Great post…my goal is also to perfect my techniques. I want make my own clothes heavily influenced by my own personal style ( which I’m still developing ). Next on my list of purchases is a Serger.

    • afashionaddict
      April 23, 2015 / 10:10 AM

      Thanks so much for the feedback! I’m still working thru my techniques, but I’m finally at a place where this is fun and not frustrating!

      When I was looking for sergers, I literally Googled “best serger machines”. There are sites that rank sergers each year and give a break down of pros and cons. I can’t wait to see what you decide to go with!

      Good luck!!

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