Project Runway S16 E1 Recap

Like most of my friends who like to sew, I indulge in watching every episode of Project Runway pretty religiously each season.  Sometimes I even binge watch previous seasons just to get my fix of the creativity and different techniques.  I especially like seeing everyone’s process for creating their looks each week.  It motivates me. 

Here a some of my thoughts from the 1st episode of Season 16.

The Pre-Season Show – Introducing the Cast

S16 started off… with some sort of a bang.  If I could sum up the cast in a word, it would be…  androgynous.  Several members are on the fence when it comes to design aesthetics and design for either men or women with androgynous silhouettes, men in dresses, baggy clothes with no real waistline, dull color palettes in some cases.  Aside from that there seems to be a variety of cultures, which comes as no surprise – there’s always lots of culture!  I love culture.  Overall, I’m impressed with the experience of this seasons’ designers. 

Highlights about the cast…

This season features the show’s first set of twin designers, who in my opinion, have similar personal style and design aesthetics too.  We’ll see how they do in the competition against each other and if they really do design separately. 

There’s definitely a couple of wacky designers in the mix – Chacha & Batani to name a few.

My Personal Favs

Deyonte, Kenya, Amy & Brandon – these guys have everything that I like to see in garments – strong pieces with lush textiles and comfy silhouettes. 

Episode 1 – One Size Fits All

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Hello Friends & Fellow Sew-Sistas,

I’m sure I’m not the only one of us that goes MIA and completely disconnects from time to time.  It’s been several months since I’ve posted much of anything, absolutely ZERO sewn projects, 1 (?) blog post, no podcast episodes and only a few social media posts in 2017 combined.  This has been a pretty unproductive year when it comes to me and my Fashion Addict ventures…. sometimes disconnecting is what ya need to do so you can come back even stronger.  For awhile, I felt like expanding my blog topics to include more of my life, since sewing is only a small portion of what I had going on this year.  But then life settled in and I became even more disconnected. 

At the end of 2016, my hubby and I found out that we were expecting our first little bundle of joy!!  Since that time, I really just wanted to enjoy the ride and be a little selfish, since this was my first pregnancy.  This year we’ve done so many things that have rocked my world and forced me to put my sewing machines away for the time being.  Aside from being pregnant, we sold our home and are now in the process of renovating a home and we’ve actually moved into an apartment in the meantime… my main sewing machine is nesting in my closet and there’s no real space (or at least any amount of space that I’m used to sewing with) to break out my machine and start sewing. 

Project Snapback!

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[GIVEAWAY] It’s New Year’s Re-SEW-Lution Time!

It’s that time of year again – if you haven’t already started to compile your list of things to make this year, what a better time than now to begin! 

I’ve taken a long, unanticipated hiatus from my sewing room (which usually happens around the holidays), and as I write this post I’m committing myself to getting back to sewing! 

For this new year, I plan on building pieces to my wardrobe that I will realistically wear – wardrobe building.  I haven’t decided on which patterns will make the cut, but one things for sure – I need more separates in my closet.  I’m planning on enlisting the help of Sew Conscious to help me with at least 12 projects this year! 

Sew Conscious sends of a monthly sewing project, based on your personal style preference. 

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Fall Sewing Pattern Haul

It’s been quite some time since I’ve ordered patterns in bulk and probably even longer since I’ve shared a haul on patterns!

I took advantage of a (not so) recent Vogue Pattern sale and wracked up!!

Check out this video to see what patterns I’ve added to my stash.

What’s on your sewing to-do list this Fall?

Until next time…


DIY Fall Vest: V1510 + Pattern Review 

Starting off with something quick and easy for Fall with Vogue 1510.  Check out my  pattern haul video to see what else is on my Fall Sewing List.

DIY V1510

 Pattern: V1510, View A

Pattern Description:  Misses’ Zip Front Tunic and Dress – semi-fitted tunic and dress have princess seams, so side seams, topstitching, bust darts, stand collar, and optional armhole finishing.  A: Front exposed zip closure.  B: Decorative zipper with contrast gusset at front neck and hemline, back invisible zipper closure, and stitched hem.

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