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How can I help?

Are you curious about sewing, recently started sewing or teaching yourself to sew and get goo-goo eyed when you see DIY Fashion Bloggers do what they do and wonder HOW they do it?  A Fashion Addict is primarily a sewing blog, geared towards helping you through the process of sewing with added Tips & Tricks along the way.

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What to expect.

This blog was started with the intent to show you some of the pitfalls you may encounter as you, at-home sewists, teach yourselves how to make clothes. Several established blogs don’t show others the issues that you may run across and tend to only show off the finished results! How misleading is that??

So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your sewing and don’t feel like you’re finding that in other DIY blogs, you’ve found your home here!

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I need more fabric. More from A Fashion Addict.
What woman making her own clothes doesn’t love FASHION?  You will also see posts about fashion, styling and beauty tips!

My personal sewing journey…

For YEARS, I’ve been searching for something that I was passionate about.  Why?  Well I, like many of you, have worked my little corporate job and haven’t felt fulfilled for many years. I’ve become a bit lazy and instead of working out to relieve my stress, I started to drink more wine 🙂 and then was gifted a sewing machine from my now husband one Christmas. I had already found DIY blogger MimiG and thought how cool of an idea to start sewing my own clothes! She made it look SO EASY; I figured I could do it too.

Singer Curvy 8763

This is my sewing machine – aka Betsy! Singer Curvy 8763

I took an intro to sewing class here in Dallas with one of my Besties and we each made an apron.


It seemed easy enough, so I moved on to making some throw pillows…

throw pillows

… and a bag from an Amy Butler book.

Amy Butler Style Stitches

Amy Butler Style Stitches

amy butler bag


After that, I thought I was ready for the big leagues and along with my neighbor/friend, we self-drafted our own window seat cushions for our kitchens.

Here’s a snapshot of mine!

window seat

window seat

Naturally, I thought about doing more home décor DIY’s but my heart wanted to try garments.

I made my first dress – even though I don’t always wear dresses – it was inspired by a very popular MimiG DIY and I just had to have it!  You can read about it HERE. I can’t lie, I struggled with it!

Vogue 8825

And then… A Fashion Addict was born.  Jan 2014, I started documenting the issues I ran into while trying to teach myself to sew in the hopes of helping others just like me.

Feel free to send me questions via email at info@afashionaddict.comI promise to respond quickly!

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