Project Runway S16 Finale Recap

Project Runway S16 Finale Recap

Let me start by saying that this season’s runway show was really exciting and the judges thoughts and final critiques couldn’t have been more dramatic! This episode was great!

Episode 14 – Finale Part 2

Here are my thoughts on these final 4 collections.  I have highlighted my favorite looks from each collection – this post is picture heavy!

S16 Cast – Finale

Margarita. I said it before and I’ll say it again, she went home and after talking with Tim, came back to NYC with a vengeance!

E14 Margarita Tim Gunn

She owned her aesthetic with each look. I feel like she was very intentional about every look and designed a great fashion show. You can always FEEL when a designer puts everything into their art and I could tell Margarita wanted it! I think this whole collection was the best we’ve seen from Margarita.

E14 Margarita Look 1

E14 Margarita Look 2 View Post


Project Runway S16 E13 Finale Pt 1 Recap

Project Runway S16 E13 Finale Pt 1 Recap

Now – we left last week knowing that there would only be 3 guaranteed spots for Fashion Week, but just as you think the judges will keep their word, they change things up yet again and decide on 4 designers to show their collections for Fashion Week.

E13 – Finale, Part 1

Ayana came home to a flooded apartment and got off to a late start because of it.  She had an emotional ride, but was able to come up with 10 completed looks before making her way back to New York to fight her way back to the list of designers for Fashion Week. 

e13 Ayana Tim

At first, Ayana questioned Tim’s opinion and luckily she chose to go back to it.  Tim was spot on in his advice her looks for the top 2 were initially very expected and would not have wowed the judges as much as the looks that Tim chose for her. 

E13 Ayana Top 2 Looks

E13 Ayana Top 2 Looks

I’m not a fan of the modest designs as complete looks but I definitely dig individual pieces in her collection.  I especially liked the moto jacket and dropped crotch pant that she showcased in her top 2 for the judges.  I wish she had chosen a different color palette.  For me, the nature-inspired colors were too drab.

Tim Gunn’s opinion is always key. Kenya should’ve implemented Tim’s changes at her initial critique at home.  He suggested to offset her blush tones with navy to liven it up for the runway & the judges.  She chose to incorporate black instead.  Black is a color that the judges loathe… and I think it was too stark of a contract to her blush heavy collection.  Navy would have been a great compromise.

E13 Kenya

Kenya’s looks were very ready to wear. I don’t think she had anything new as far as silhouettes but her look is very classic.

E13 Kenya Top 2 Looks

E13 Kenya Top 2 Looks

I love her as a brand.  But I think for Fashion Week you have to come with your A-game and you have to bring something that is totally unexpected and new.  Once the designers made it back to New York to prepare to showcase their top 2 looks for the judges, Tim gave Kenya feedback regarding her black dress and adding the sheer shawl/jacket to tie it into her 2nd piece. I disagree with that critique. I feel like the black dress should not have been added to the top 2 OR she should have gone with something that was more cohesive with that dress.

Kentaro‘s top 2 looks were not cohesive at all. I think he should totally ditch the white outfit. I don’t think that it goes well with the rest of his looks.

E13 Kentaro Top 2 Looks

E13 Kentaro Top 2 Looks 2.0

His styling was terrible… I do like his color choices for his collection but I don’t think that he will be the top 2.  Like all designers, Kentaro was asked why he should be picked to go to Fashion Week and he reluctantly responds by saying he “thinks [he’s] ready, but maybe [he’s] not”.  I can totally understand that being in this creative space and pressure can make you a little coo-coo for cocoa puffs, but this was not the moment to tell the truth!

Margarita!  She took Tim’s advice at home and came back to New York with a BANG –  like this girl is ready for Fashion Week! I was totally impressed with what she came to New York with.

E13 Margarita Top 2 Looks

E13 Margarita Top 2 Looks 2.0

Initially I thought that she was going to be eliminated in this round but I love the “power” pants that she made! They are going to show really well on the runway. I think that she knows what the challenges is – it’s Fashion Week!  She knows what Fashion Week means and so she’s designing for Fashion Week.  I feel like it’s a power play for her and it’s a wise one.

Brandon did what he does I do agree with Ayana’s confessional comments about how the judges haven’t given him feedback on things to work on each week so he has continued to do what he has always done.

E13 Brandon Top 2 Looks

E13 Brandon Top 2 Looks 2.0

I’m interested to see how that works and plays out during Fashion Week.  His aesthetic is very unique so I think the crowd will like that [period].  It’s just a matter growth for him but I think he’ll definitely make the top 2.

The Final 4 – Fashion Week Bound

E13 Brandon Fashion WeekE13 Ayana Fashion WeekE13 Margarita Fashion WeekE13 Kentaro

My thoughts on the final 4

With critiques for both Kenya and Kentaro being so… critical but there were still mixed feelings, I think the judges should have given Kenya a shot to show her full collection at Fashion Week.  Especially since they gave Kentaro a shot!  I mean, c’mon people! 

Kentaro’s critiques from the judges were very critical and I’m shocked that he made it to Fashion Week.  I think he will be the 1st to be eliminated in the finals.

Kenya will have a serious future in fashion.  Her work appeals to a core base of women with different shapes and sizes.  She will do well.

E13 Kenya

Margarita sure picked things up and made it work – as Tim Gunn might say.  I’m happy that she was able to turn things around and bring it for Fashion Week!

I think Ayana will do well at Fashion Week.  Her work is something new for the industry of Fashion and I honestly think she’ll come home with the win.

Who do you think will win at Fashion Week?

Leave me your thoughts below!


Project Runway S16 E12 Recap

Project Runway S16 E12 Recap

If you didn’t catch the episode, then I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the elimination episode of Project Runway left a lot of viewers happy with the outcome and pining for more. No one was eliminated this week and here’s why!

Episode 12 – There’s Snow Business like Sew Business

The designers were told to design winter-themed styles this week and the judges were tasked with selecting the top 3 designers to move on to Fashion Week.

S16 E12 Cold Room

From the beginning of the episode, I got the feeling that Margarita was going to be in for it. She wasn’t aware of Project Runway’s “no fur” policy when choosing her super lux fur fabric. It wasn’t until she was at the checkout counter in Mood that Tim Gunn had to shut it down and tell her to remove the fur from her fabrics. Luckily, Tim Gunn felt bad for her [again] and decided to give her a few more minutes to find some replacement fabric. The replacement faux fur turned out to be a mere fractional of the original piece of hide but she had to do what she had to do… View Post


Project Runway S16 E11 Recap

Project Runway S16 E11 Recap

E11 jumps right into it, so I won’t waste your time with the fluff!  But I have to give you a little #SpoilerAlert to make you read more!! LOL!

The brotherhood between Kentaro and Brandon gets a spotlight and I think Ayana continue to stretch herself and Tim Gunn saves the day with his Tim Gunn Save – all in this week’s episode of Project Runway.

E11 Brothers

Episode 11 – Warrior Fashion

This week’s episode uses Breast Cancer survivors to inspire a ball gown, editorial look for the runway, aka The Warrior Woman.  There are only 5  designers left and the competition is really starting to bring out the best of each designer. 

E11 Challenge Announement

Kentaro is just adorable!  He  doesn’t like the thought of punching people and you can see that captured here as he laughs his way though their challenge warm ups.

E11 Kentaro BoxingAre you catching Ayana in the background – waiting for her turn to tear things up?!?  This girl’s got a lot of passion and I don’t think she’s willing to settle for a Project Runway runner up for anything at this point!  Look at that focus in her eyes!

Everything is on the line now, as the designers compete for who will show in Fashion Week. 

Let’s jump right in to this week’s looks!

E11 Final Looks View Post


Project Runway S16 E10 Recap

Project Runway S16 E10 Recap

This season seems like it’s really flying by but we’ve already reached the 10th episode and so much has happened thus far!  Last week was a thriller of an episode, leading into the top 6 designers of this competition fighting it out with a new unconventional materials challenge.

Episode 10 – Driving Miss Unconventional

E10 starts off with high emotions with the designers feeling anxious – the competition is getting tight now with only 6 designers left and everyone is starting to feel the heat.  Heidi advises the designers to proceed with caution! 

Tim Gunn introduces the designers to The Lexus Challenge and the designers will need to use all safety / unconventional materials to complete their looks – with no stops by Mood Fabrics!  This marks the 2nd challenge using unconventional materials where Ayana won. 

E10 Tim Gunn Lexus Challenge

Missed that episode?  Check it out HERE!

You get the feeling that some of the designers dislike the unconventional materials challenges (just as much as I do), but they get to gathering as much as they can as quickly as possible.  Ayana tries to grab as much material as possibly – since she loves modesty, while Kenya tries her best to get whatever she can get her hands on.  She’s too cute – stuffing materials in her blouse!  Michael and Margarita did a good job at getting lots of safety materials as well.

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